Dave McKinnon

  • Jenny Moore says:

    Just, a other wonderful answer to daily problems with sooo many people !!!! So, sick of pills as the answer !! May, our Almighty Creator continue to bless you and all you love 😊❤

  • Robette Rodgers says:


  • Sharon S. says:

    Oh my gosh, How did you know
    I So needed this today! Can this be done on either arm/both arms??

  • Mattias says:

    I have aspergers and i am always extremely stressed and holy crap this works!

  • Paulette Lewis says:

    I will be trying that very soon❤

  • captnt3rror says:

    Wow I’m in awe how that worked.
    what divine timing. Goodnight.
    Love and harmony.

  • Being :) better at being better says:

    thank you

  • Laverne Mckinnon says:

    Thank you for your support❤❤❤❤

  • Mary Hayward says:

    Thank you , I believe I will

  • DALYN💜S-httd* says:

    I’ll give it a try…And it’s working, Ty and God Bless you Doc…💜🤗✝️👏🏽👏🏻😴gn

  • DckTrcy says:

    Love these tips

  • Shannon Thornley says:

    Holy freaking cow. Just WOW. Also….THANK YOU!!😊😊😊

  • Susan Y says:

    Thank You Dr sometimes if can’t get to sleep after waking up for bathroom I’ll most definitely try this, anything is worth a go we need our sleep 💤
    God Bless You 🙏 Namaste.

  • Rose says:

    My favorite Doctor i just love him. He’s so kind loving caring. Thank you Doc for being you!!!!

  • Ann B says:

    Doctor you are amazing. Thank you for not only teaching us medical knowledge but also practical ways we can apply it in our daily lives. This has really improved my life in so many ways ❣️💯

  • Ariya Rovea says:

    Thank you dr mendel GOD BLESS you amen

  • Azada Atahi says:

    Dear Dr.Mandel thanks a lot. God bless you! Could you please kindly put a vedio für peace of mind and heart! I do thank you cordialy in advance!❤❤❤❤

  • Isha Keister says:

    Thank you Dr Mandel we love you

  • Linda Gail says:

    I’m doing something wrong. That hurts. I’ll watch it again. 😢 Thanks, Dr. A.

  • Janet Wilson says:

    Thanks doc blessed 🙏❤👍💯

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