Dave McKinnon

  • @Human_on_earth_1 says:

    Thanks for the guidance Doc increased stress may become cause to type-2 diabetes. Be happy and live long

  • @patriciamarie5105 says:

    I need a new job!!

  • @knightrcer says:

    Just felt this a few minutes ago. Had to submit a raise request report. Felt my head get all flushed and hot putting the finishing touches on the long report. You can really feel tbe stress hit hard.

  • @goldenlady8333 says:

    Thank you, sir.

  • @user-ze3zf4ez2l says:

    Exactly, like someone continuously is stressing you, then they put you down that your Tommy is growing. (And they are not brainy enough that they have caused it.)

  • @adlihkristopher2906 says:

    Thank you Dr Mandell ❤❤

  • @jittabintucollier6311 says:

    Thank you for caring and teaching us to leave us healthy ❤.

  • @greenveg.3589 says:

    Thank you ❤🙏

  • @smooothlegs says:

    Thank you Dr to educate!!!!

  • @patriciavines1526 says:

    I have been living with high stress for a long time, everyday. I have just been told I am pre-diabetic, I couldn’t understand why, I live healthy, but now I know the answer I shall work to putting the stress away…for good.

  • @obangmariano6702 says:

    ❤thanks for your advice to live healthy❤😇

  • @kwaki-serpi-niku says:

    I’m type 2, and have been so for some years now. Cutting out sugary soft drinks was what helped me keep my sugar under control, but my kidneys and ability to produce insulin is now damaged. I lost all insurance and have no job now. So I can’t afford anything to take for my high blood sugar. So I just have to live with it. My feet have neuropathy that only gets worse. I have dry mouth all the time now, but it’s worse at sometimes than others. I drink a lot of fluids, I just try and drink water as much as I can. I have frequent light-headedness and constant problems with my digestive system. I don’t think there’s any hope for me.

    • @auntiebip1288 says:

      Please Google Walmart had OTC (no-prescription needed, over the counter) insulin for less than $30 for a 30 day supply. It is a life saving medicine-not taking it will result in more harm than not. Prayers up. Also, if you go the emergency they will set you up with meds, (in the US) a social worker for Medicaid and etc. God Bless you (okra and cinnamon help lower sugar too)

    • @kwaki-serpi-niku says:

      @@auntiebip1288 thank you for the advice….so much.

    • @beckykay9178 says:

      @@kwaki-serpi-nikupraying for you. Looks like the other person to comment had some great ideas!

  • @juliawah8674 says:

    Very funny make me think of when people not feeling well they tired and low energy exhausted , but when something stir their emotion to anger they become full charged immediately

  • @rawx485 says:

    Stress is the 1 thing I can’t control. Some of us have the whole world on their shoulders. Our failure means the suffering of those closest to us.

  • @InspiredCafe2023 says:

    Yeah, this just happened to me after 5 years of stress since I had twin in 2018. Sleepless nights, not enough to exercise. Thanks Dr for sharing this. Knowing the reason behind our challenges is the first step in solving the problem.

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    Great, I need to get out of the city away from all the sirens and also all the bad tornados, storms, constant safety issues, THAT gives you stress.

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  • @louishaddon4351 says:

    Cut the sugar out as much as possible, ACV will help stabilize your blood sugar . Make sure it’s a quality ACV

  • @denicedancasey says:

    Even for me, a type I Diabetic, stress can raise my glucose levels and I have to inject more insulin.

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