Is Bill Gates’ Apeel Really Safe?

A Google search might tell you that Apeel is safe and thoroughly fact-checked, but is Bill Gates’ Apeel coating safe? Find out in this video.

0:00 Introduction: Is Bill Gates’ Apeel safe?
0:20 Apeel ingredients
0:44 Problems with Apeel
2:18 Trans fats and the FDA
2:50 What's the purpose of Apeel coating on produce?

In this video, we’re going to talk about Bill Gates’ new product, Apeel, which is used to make fresh produce last longer. Of the ingredients in Apeel, 99.34 percent are listed as “other ingredients,” which is a red flag because of the lack of transparency.

We know that Apeel contains monoglycerides and diglycerides—emulsifiers, which help mix things together. Apeel also contains solvents and heavy metals, including palladium, cadmium, lead, mercury, and arsenic! Manufacturers claim these metals are safe in small amounts, but there is no data about chronic consumption over time. Apeel also contains polyethylene glycol, a compound found in antifreeze.

Apeel could be a partially hydrogenated product. The FDA has banned trans fats, but loopholes still allow manufacturers to use them in their products.

If a product has less than .5 grams of trans fats, the FDA allows them to round it down to zero and not report the trans fats in the product. If a product is classified as an emulsifier, not a lipid or fat, it is exempt from the FDA’s ban on trans fats.

There is some controversy surrounding the function of the Apeel coating on produce. Is it a coating to keep food fresh or a fungicide? The EPA and the OMRI describe Apeel as a fungicide used after harvest, but Apeel is advertised as a protective coating.

There’s no way to remove the Apeel coating from your fresh produce, so it could potentially lock pesticides or pathogens inside. Think twice about buying fruits and vegetables that have this coating on them.

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Thanks for watching. I hope this answers your questions about Bill Gates’ Apeel coating on your fresh fruit and veggies. I’ll see you in the next video.

Dave McKinnon

  • @MarkusSsZ says:

    Nothing that man does is safe.

  • @anthonymcmullen6970 says:

    BG is a danger to humanity

  • @senseicorey9979 says:

    Bill gates and safe don’t go together

  • @chrisfortune2031 says:

    If safe means being effective for population control then yes.

  • @SD-ko4tz says:

    If it’s banned in Europe you know the drill

  • @rbend3 says:

    Nothing ‘Bill Gates” is safe.

    • @TheGuspata says:

      I’ve come to the same conclusion.

    • @mugsofmirth8101 says:

      Even Microsoft products will steal your livelihood.

    • @lisagoldberg5178 says:

      Neither is anything “approved” by the FDA. Bought and paid for by large companies and big pharma.

    • @fafa1648 says:

      I don’t get it. Either Bill Gates is completely lacking self awareness or just doesn’t care that by putting his name on a product it will fail miserably. Not even the most CNN-hooked sheep trust Bill Gates, and that’s saying something. No one will buy or eat this.

    • @arcademania7544 says:

      Especially young girls on Epstein’s Island..😮

  • @drizler says:

    If Gates is involved , HELL NO☠️

  • @dennisqueener5208 says:

    I don’t trust Google to be telling the truth all the time either.

    • @kyoung2918 says:

      I don’t use Google as my search engine. Too manipulated by big tech and the gov’t

    • @barneyrubble4827 says:

      ANY OF THE TIME. Fact… G is a millitary intelligence contractor

    • @sarahjaye4117 says:

      Same. Which one do you like? If you feel like sharing

    • @JonnyParker- says:

      Exactly I haven’t used Google search since 2014 if not earlier . They were censoring things even back then but just now the past few years it’s been so blatant and bad everyone apart from the most ignorant know to avoid.

    • @a.c.9993 says:

      Everyone says duck duck go, but they’re just a part of google, too, so dont trust it lol​@sarahjaye4117

  • @SilverGem1 says:

    If it’s been “fact checked,” then you know they’re hiding something or just flat out lying.

  • @RacerX888 says:

    If you want to avoid this coating, look for fruit that is NOT shiny and does not have a smooth almost shellac type coating on it. Also, fruit/veggies coated with this stuff tends to look “perfect” in comparison to natural fruit, ie: does not have blemishes or flaws in the peel/skin. For example, lemons coated with Apeel, look bright yellow and are shiny and when you hold them you cannot feel the skin of the fruit just a smooth surface. That’s how you tell because its apparently on normal and organic foods as well.

  • @MarieWilliams027 says:

    FDA approval = permission/authorisation paid to give the middle finger.

  • @MarieWilliams027 says:

    It’s heartwarming how caring they are putting so much effort in everything to make it safe for humanity 😆😅

  • @MarieWilliams027 says:

    Loved your in-depth take regarding this, Dr Berg. And imagine all those chemicals penetrating in vegetables and fruits even when their skins are removed. Thanks for raising awareness 🙏🏻

  • @dgoodnight733 says:

    Natural Grocers put out a statement that they will not carry produce with Apeel on them.

  • @pamclark6686 says:

    The real problem is, it CANNOT be washed of! AT ALL! It is also on some organics. It also has the ability to be absorbed INTO the fruit itself! Why, WHY can’t the government leave our food alone!? If at all possible, please grow your own fruits and vegs. If you can, research growers and find those who refuse to use Apeel and Edipeel. Be safe and be blessed!

    • @giespel68 says:

      You cannot trust the government in ANY way

    • @amichaels1871 says:

      Because ‘OUR’ Government has been HIJACKED & TAKEN OVER by ANTI AMERICAN FOREIGN ENEMIES & INTERESTS..😳👿💰🇱🇷🌍💔

    • @KimmersIMJ says:

      Billy boy is Mr. Eugenics just like his daddy. 🙄😈

    • @daviddad1234 says:

      FDA cannot leave our food alone because they are deep in the pockets of lobbyist’s for big agriculture and the drug companies. Greed is more important to them than human life. All they see is their bank accounts. Then they end up getting a better paying job with the companies they are supporting.

    • @ComeAlongKay says:

      Yeah or support your local farmers markets and farms. They are coming after those guys as much as they can. They’re a threat to profit and to centralized control of production. So also vote against people who go after them and find as little as possible companies that lobby for destroying citizen independence.

  • @erinbrantley3206 says:

    I like that you researched the stuff.

  • @Starowlnightwatch says:

    Thank you for everything that you do. You are appreciated by so many of us. Lots of love and prosperity to you and your family always.

  • @Paradys8 says:

    THANK YOU SO MUCH for discussing this subject!!!👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • @lynndaniels4135 says:

    I really think that we need to file a lawsuit against the FDA for not doing their job properly!

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