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    Thanks for sharing

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    Thank s because I just had a boiled egg sandwich for breakfast I love them and my family has eaten them all my life

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    Very informative Doc. The moral of the story is stress causes higher risk than diet cholesterol. Thanks 💐

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    Thanks for the video!
    Sound logic!
    Many don’t know that the unfertilised egg is not the meat of animals!
    Easy to digest and make its cholestrol safe!
    Can’t remember the name of the constituent that enables this, which can also be extracted from soyabean.
    Just remembered – it’s called lechitin!
    The poorest know that even after a tummy infection is cleared and bowels properly evacuated, it’s safe to consume.
    Those who have recovered from tuberculosis are grateful that they included eggs in their diet!

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    Thank you for clarifying!!

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    I love eggs! They are so versatile 😍 Thank you for explaining the difference and why ❤

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    Can you please do a series on what to do to ease perimenopause and menopause symptoms. I have seen MANY doctors and they either laugh at me or simple say, take birth control which many women cannot take due to family cancer history. One search online and now I’m overloaded with supplements promising women they work. Do they really work? Is there long term side effects such as an increase risk of cancer. I really wish women had a seperate doctor who specialized in and treated only perimenopause and menopause. We should not have to doctor surf or worse, be laughed at by our doctor just because they maybe not be aware of the 60+ symptoms brought on with peri and menopause. We need relief

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    I appreciate you clarifying this information for us. For many years, we have been misinformed about cholesterol and eggs. Thank you Dr. Mandell.

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    I’ve been getting healing from this channel
    Thank you Benjamin Button 🤍

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    I eat 5 eggs every morning. I cut sugar and carbs to zero and I feel great. I’m 64 , workout 5-7 days a week and I have more energy than ever. Try it guys. You’ll be glad you did it

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    Thanks for clearing this up❤

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    Thanks Dr.Mandell GOD bless ❤

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    I needed to hear this doctor. Thank you so very much.

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    WHAT !!! You just described me to a Tee…no sleep ! Stressed ! Daily sugar intake ! Fatty liver, Inflammation all over..
    I’ve tried so hard to change all dietary…stopped eggs & I love eggs…this is contrary to what I’ve been told all these years. Wow…your so helpful. Thanks!!!!

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    I recall when they were saying eggs were bad during that period of time Alzheimer’s cases was higher also yes we need natural untainted food.

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    It is amazing how much we have been told that is wrong from the medical community

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    Thank you Dr Mandell. This is liberating. Been told that before and heard a Dr recently on YT saying that .

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    Best Doctor in the house ❤

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