Dave McKinnon

  • @clairesanightmare says:

    Your skin glows!! Teach us more, I want nourished skin like yours!!

  • @sofiamiliaressis5403 says:

    That’s a really excellent chat about cholesterol in eggs. I stopped taking Crestor and eat eggs everyday. I also eat butter and tallow made from suet. I don’t eat breads, sugar or fruit & veg but do eat meats with salt for electrolytes.

  • @zodar1400 says:

    You still trust the FDA?

  • @levivaughn52 says:

    How do I go back to get my liver right

  • @sprint48219 says:

    And I chase it with bacon

    • @bianchaesson1441 says:

      Good for you!😊 My body won’t tolerate bacon. I stopped eating it at least 40 years ago!! I always enjoy the smell of cooked bacon, but I’m completely off the taste.

  • @KIKIKOOAH says:

    I so enjoy learning from you!!

  • @hrvojeorsolic1058 says:

    You somehow forgot to mention our organism works with at least two different known types of cholesterol.. can you do a more specific content about the subject please?

  • @nishams1 says:

    Nice information Doc. I never knew the liver produces 80% of the cholesterol of the body from dietary food. Junk food even makes fatty liver and increases cholesterol level. So consume proper food to heal the liver and then consume eggs happily. Nice suggestion and great advice 🙏

    • @keithjay4944 says:

      Drink celery juice or lemon water it will cleanse that fatty liver like you’re cleaning your dirty plates

    • @PAULY-P says:

      OR take something like Nature’s Answer black walnut, wormwood, with clove oil tincture. It tastes nasty but works. 2 wks on and 1 wk off. Then continue 1,more time.

  • @Pete-qt9bg says:

    FDA needs to be shut down. Let each state ,which has at least one university, provide oversight.

  • @thelightstillshines2476 says:

    I try eating duck eggs cuz they’re more nutritious than chicken eggs and therefore if you’re eating healthier eggs that would be a lesser burden on the liver 😂

  • @juliawah8674 says:

    Now I see, its the liver matter. But I love eggs, one or two days without egg I would crave for eggs.

  • @olgaangelo8357 says:

    Thank you ❤

  • @adlihkristopher2906 says:

    Thank you Dr Mandell am learning so much from you have a bless nite ❤

  • @johna7564 says:

    He ran out of time to say “and your liver will…love ya!” 😂

  • @lovejoy71422 says:

    How do we detox our liver?

  • @barbmcdonald1532 says:

    I didn’t know this Dr. Thank you! ❤

  • @X-RayInspections says:

    Very good. What an empirical way to cause others to think for themselves

  • @TASmith-ou3is says:

    I stopped drinking diet coke because it is hard for the liver to process the aspartame. It leads to a fat tummy

  • @margaretmixon9812 says:

    Thank you!😊

  • @brendertaylor2787 says:

    ❤ yoU are truly amaizing Doc. Thanks for sharing your wisdom sir.

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