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Dave McKinnon

  • Mary Sh says:

    Easy, practical, and beneficial. Thank you

  • Wendi Wasson says:

    Dr Berg, grateful thanks to you! You’re a Godsend to help you ‘help-yourself’ to advocate for good health. It’s totally up to each individual to be proactive, and your knowledge and expertise gives us all a clear GPS on how to get there. Much love!

  • P Lowe says:

    An apple cider vinegar a day, keeps the doctor away.

  • Dinah Singh says:

    Thank you Dr. Berg I am so happy that I found this channel god bless you 🙏

  • riseOfTheFallen says:

    What a Coincidence, just sipping my apple cider vinegar with water and watching reels and this reel comes up 😀

  • Siba Hembram says:

    I did apple cider vinegar for 3 weeks 2 hours before breakfast, now my body ance and digestion is fixed.

  • ZestyMozzarella says:

    Always lost more weight on water mixed apple cider vinegar than without it, really does work!

  • Sydney🐨 says:

    ACV heals/ fixes the Liver.
    The liver fixes everything else.

  • 70’slady Always says:

    I love it. I put two tablespoons in my morning smoothie 😊

  • Deborah Saddler says:

    Thanks, as always Dr. Berg. God bless you.

  • Dima Knopf says:

    My man looks like he needs about 3 years of sleep starting yesterday.

  • PlainMom2 says:

    I would’ve rather taken ACV rather than the Rx given for my severe acid reflux during both pregnancies.

  • S H says:

    Im doing this!! Those are all my problems. Thank you so much Dr

  • John Tiebosch says:

    I have a teaspoon of apple cider and lemon juice everyday for years for reflux works great but I’m still fat in the belly lol

  • suddhabrata Dutta says:

    My best health guide Dr.Thank you 😊

  • Joely Fpv says:

    I love apple cider vinegar now, it’s great, I take a good swig usually everyday unless I forget haha

  • matthew riggs says:

    This man must be protected at all costs

  • Rodalyn Rarogal says:

    Take care Doctor Berg may God always bless you & your channel💖🫰

  • Vrich3733 says:

    Can anyone confirm that the brand we all use Bragg ACV was bought by Katy Perry and her husband Orlando Bloom (and other investors)? Back in 2019!! Also Bragg’s apples come from a company called Apeel that’s owned by Bill Gates. Apeel’s apples uses chemical coatings and are genetically modified. Anyone else hear about this? This was a video post about a article written by Delaney Smith interviewing Patricia Bragg on Fri Jun 28 2019. IMO if this is true it’s bad news!

  • Star Child says:

    Thank you so much for the information my acid reflux is making my life miserable i have been sick for three years thank GOD for someone like you i will get on it 😮❤

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