Dave McKinnon

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    You’re the Doc that Rocks! Are you taking new patients! In what city is your practice?

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    Thank You Dock !! C you soon

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    Lovely man x

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    How about iron? I had to take a drill and knife to my defective bottle and now have them in a baggie in the dark lol

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    Thanks for Sharing

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    Thank uuuuu ❤

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    Great! This really help. I will take it on empty stomach.

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    Thanks for the good info. Our family of 5 (3 kids under 9) implemented 2000 mg(minimum) of vitamin daily and stayed healthy through this current cold and flu season. We are surrounded by illness too. If there was a hint of anything coming on, we took quite a bit more daily and it was gone almost immediately.

    Read Vitamin C the real story. Dr Andrew Saul. His kids never had to take an antibiotic

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    It’s primarily made from genetica11E engineered corn.

    C also has a mirror image( chiral) molecule.

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    It helps a lot Dr Thank You 💯🎉❤️

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    Yes, you are increasing my great day!

    Love for Dr. M ❤

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    That is great information, and also straight to the point 😊

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    ❤Yes ❤😘

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    The best thing for me is lemon 🍋 water, which a drink the whole day, thank you 💕 Dr mandell

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    Thanks for Sharing.🙏😊

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    Thank you Doctor Mandell you such amazing

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    Thank you for everything I listen and do what you say have a great day😅

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    Happy New Year to you and the family Gigi Montreal

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