Let Food Be Thy Medicine: What To Eat For Overall Health & Longevity | Dr. Mark Hyman

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When a child is provided real, whole foods unadulterated with sugar, poor quality fats, toxic additives, and food dyes, their body knows exactly what to eat and how much. They will eat just what their growing body needs when provided this high quality diet that their DNA evolved from. What I have come to realize as a parent is that there is a great deal of letting go and going with the flow. I have also learned that, as a parent, what you eat, how you eat, and why you eat what you do is really important because our children are keen observers who absorb everything we do.

In today’s episode of my series I’m calling Health Bites, I share the top tips and wisdom I have gained from my experience as a doctor and dad for raising healthy eaters.

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Here are more details from the episode (audio version / Apple Subscriber version):
Teaching children to eat real food (4:50 / 2:28)
Modeling healthy eating (6:34 / 4:12)
Setting realistic boundaries about food choices and mealtimes (8:29 / 6:07)
Involving your children in meal planning and preparation (11:54 / 9:32)
Presenting and “disguising” healthy food (14:12 / 11:50)

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    I worked with kids for 30 years and tried to grow something with each class. While every child did not eat everything, it is amazing how they would try things they had never had and would really like it. I had one little boy that was three and cried when we didn’t have anymore broccoli. And it was just raw broccoli with nothing on it. He had help pick it and was so excited that he could pick something and actually go eat it. You don’t h to have a big garden to grow things we grew carrots, beans broccoli lettuce sweet potatoes, spices, and much more all in pots. And mushrooms are so fast to grow you can see the changes in them each day.

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    Mark as one of the leading experts in Naturopathic medicine in my country,great work like always!!keep going on!!!!

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    I just wish but if all the food is filled with pesticides what dhould we eat not everyone know abt this info

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    When I grew up (born in 73) what my Mother cooked and put on the table is what I ate whether I liked it Or Not
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    Now Bill Gates is messing with all the food like Bragg apple cider vinegar & the stuff they spray on apples.

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    Family dinner is the best bonding time. I still do that once a month with my parents & siblings & now all our kids ha

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    Kids just like any of us want to help & work & accomplish a lot & be self reliant.

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    Great job. Most doctors should tell you this but, where do we rank? In 2021, we ranked 37th. I like the study from 2017. Do you know where we came in? Look it up. It’s shocking. Great job again and they’ve known the benefits of stem cells since 1987 and we’re still testing, which is odd to me.

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      Células tronco
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      Septicemia com tiamina e corticóides
      E conforme a associação americana de ciência reduz várias linhagens de

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    While this is the perfect way to raise a child, you have to start with parents who eat healthy and most think they do, but they don’t.

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