Dave McKinnon

  • We Celebrate Eating Plants says:

    Thank you! 🥦❤

  • bren dismuke says:

    ? My cardiac cath was clean, does that mean my brain arteries are clean? Thank you so much for all you do!

  • Dekyor says:

    Brother Syd are you here?

  • Peace Loving says:

    Calm down Dr. Gregor 😂

  • Lester Lasa says:

    Thank you 🙏 I’m vegan 🥑 and realized I have to take B12

    • Sticks Bontop says:

      Technically you can get enough B12 from fortified and fermented foods (mainly fortified ones), and some other sources like seaweed. But supplementation is recommended to ensure adequate intake, as it is recommended for meat eaters too who are also often deficient!

    • Lester Lasa says:

      @Sticks Bontop thank you 🙏

  • Janet Lewis says:

    How to avoid afib. I am already whole food plant based.

  • J. Fabricio Elías says:


  • joan ramler says:

    Thank you! Always learn something new from someone I trust.

  • Daniel Geci says:

    Hey Doc, if i go vegan will i lose my hair and have to dye it by the time im in my mid 40s like you did? Also, will i be able to acheive the same holocaust victim profile that youve obtained if i follow your advice? Dare i ask if its even possible for me to acheive the same lack of muscle mass and fitness level as you if i forgoe my good health and become a vegan?

    • kildpopper says:

      Sounds like you’re looking for attention! So here it is. I read your comment. Do you feel better now? Do you feel fulfilled in your life? Is the world a better place? I highly recommend his series of videos on how you can improve your mental health through diet.

    • 222blue222 says:

      Vegetarian for 52 years, vegan for 10 here. Full head of hair and little grey at age 71. Work a hard outdoor physical job 50-60 hours a week so I am very fit.

      Give it a try! It might even help your antisemitism!

    • Bit Finesse says:

      You gotta stick to only 2lbs of potatoes per day if you wanna be holocaust status. Problem is, they taste too good. Good luck.

    • Planting seeds of wisdom says:

      ​@blue-fj9ky Considering Dr. Greger is Jewish, I find the original poster’s comment particularly insensitive. Also since Dr. Greger spends 7-10 hours walking on his treadmill most days, and eats one of the healthiest diets for humans, I’d imagine his fitness level is top notch. In regards to his hair line, I imagine that’s genetic? I find inner beauty based on a person’s character, most attractive, and considering how much work Dr. Greger puts into studying nutrition research and sharing that information with the public, I’d say his inner character is shining! I agree, the original poster has some work to do.

    • Goodmorning1221 says:

      @Planting seeds of wisdom — _eats one of the healthiest diets for humans_ —
      How a diet missing real vitamin A and B12 can be the healthiest for humans ?

  • Linda Ripp says:


  • T says:

    Any brand recommendations for DHA and B12 supplement.

  • Reverend Al says:

    White potatoes are a great source of iodine.

    • Sticks Bontop says:


    • Sticks Bontop says:

      But it’s best to keep the skin on and better if they’re organic

    • Lisa Klein says:

      My routine lab came back and my protein was 6.2 (6.4 low range). The doctor told me to eat lean meat, beef, chicken, pork….. I said I’m vegetarian. She said, “Well there is you problem!”.

    • Sticks Bontop says:

      @Lisa Klein That’s a shame, unfortunately most doctors currently have barely any nutritional training and are uninformed about a lot of things involving health and diet. Clearly when animal products are proven to be harmful to our health, and when the benefits gleaned from them can be obtained from healthier plant based sources that can provide enough nutrition when consumed sufficiently, the solution to a nutritional deficiency isn’t to eat animal products, but to eat more/different plant based foods or take a supplement. Right?!

  • small footprint says:

    Thank you, Dr. Greger, for all you do.

  • Susan Foley says:

    Wait, what??? I have to cook tofu and not eat it right out of the store bought package? Is this true and why?

  • Michelle says:


  • Vegansmartass says:

    05:17 Is that the whole answer? Cats are also animals and depend on taurine. The explanation is already a bit poor.

  • Michelle says:

    😯 Wow…Starting off with a BANG‼️ 2 Supplements that I should stop 🛑 buying 💲💲NMN & Taurine⚠️

  • DEEPAK hiranandani says:

    Thank you for answering my question on Vitamin B12 dosage for my age, senior; and many thanks for all the wonderful and immensely socially beneficial work you do.

  • Lisa Russom says:

    Thank you❤

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