Low Sugar, High Fiber & High Polyphenol Powerhouse!

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Discover Dr. Gundry's favorite fruit: blackberries! In season and packed with health benefits, these low-sugar, high-fiber berries are a nutritional powerhouse. πŸ‡ Learn about their rich polyphenol content and how to incorporate them into your diet. Subscribe to Gundry MD for more expert advice on living a healthier lifestyle! πŸ””πŸ‘

Low Sugar, High Fiber & High Polyphenol Powerhouse!

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Dave McKinnon

  • GODS Child says:

    I wasn’t aware of this information. Blueberry, blackberries , pineapples and watermelon are my favorites. So what fruit shoul we eat in the winter?

  • Yama - God of War & Death says:

    Once you go blackberry, you can’t go backberry!

  • Je L says:

    on days that i dont eat blackberrie/blue berries, i get my anthocyanins from purple sweet potatoes

  • Kashay Sexy says:


  • Hussein Esa says:


  • 2coryman says:

    Thank you doctor Gundry

  • swbb reps says:

    but…they’re in season below the equator when they’re out of season in north america. what difference does it make??

  • Darryl Edwards says:

    Strawberry, raspberry, blackberry ❀

  • Alix Jean says:

    How will I know which ones that are in season are the good ones to grab? With those countries that you named, does that make the black berries bad, if they are not in season?

  • Alix Jean says:

    Oh and what is the difference between in season and not in season with the berries? Are they tempered with? The not in season ones?

  • Vickie Vik says:

    The peak blackberries in TX is around April, what region is Dr. G referring to… it’s fall-ish here.

  • GODS Child says:

    Dr. Gundry, thank you for the quick response. I printed the shopping list. My sister in Florida has been following you for years, and her family is very healthy. Thank you again . I pray for everyone who listens to your recommendation and practice and receives healing in Y’shua’s name.

  • SMS says:

    Can you tell the government to support the organic fruits

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