Dave McKinnon

  • @SiCkDiAbLo says:

    A fruit so good, that helps you to…

  • @MsTheresa7412 says:

    Try it with lemon juice on it…. Oh my God!!

  • @kim0007 says:

    Wintertime and watermelon…add a little cocoa powder or carob…awesome dessert.

  • @shesonherway2413 says:

    Very interesting- thank you!

  • @barbarabaker1726 says:

    God bless you Dr Mandell Something else I love to eat

  • @carolhartman4384 says:

    What do diabetics do, watermelon raises our bld. Sugar?

  • @adelalaird6318 says:

    Watermelon is a good way to get some potassium and minerals. Thank you Dr. Mandell for your healthy tips for reducing high Blood Pressure.❤

  • @miloandshadow4215 says:

    Thank you Doctor Mandell

  • @diamondsky6108 says:

    Dr. Mandell is it okay for diabetics?

  • @juanitadavid8401 says:


  • @paulinekhainza8131 says:

    Many thanks Dr Mandell, I have been eating watermelon 🍉 without knowing the health benefits, let me enjoy it now and my body will love me!

  • @moms.gardenia says:

    I love watermelon 🍉 it puts a smile on my face.

  • @-16_ says:

    I love this🍉watermelon especially after tending the garden it’s sooo refreshing 😋

  • @saraabrham123 says:

    God bless you

  • @lhun3952 says:

    Watermelon rules! 😀

  • @lindagail4355 says:

    For some reason, I always believed that watermelon was(is) a summer fruit. Is it as sweet in the winter, as in the summer? I must try some and get back to you. ❤❤ Thanks alot Dr., A.

  • @cindygardner5864 says:

    Thank you.

  • @Kudi-Chan says:

    Thank you so much and I love watermelon yummy!!!

  • @lynnschmidt8421 says:

    thank you Dr.Mandell. I appreciate you.

  • @adlihkristopher2906 says:

    Thank you father for the gift of life in Jesus name Amen.

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