Dave McKinnon

  • Shery Kerney says:

    You definitely know how to captivate the viewer. Keep it up!🍒

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    😊🙏👍👍👍have. Blessed evening too you 😊thankyou

  • Zura nicht Katsura says:

    carnivore omad walking fasting ice bading zeolith heals

  • alanyates1943 says:

    I’m glad he tells you these things Couse you wouldn’t no would you😊❤

  • BelieveOnJesus Yeshua says:

    Can’t walk, so guessing won’t be power walking,My horse was my legs, she gave me wings🤎

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    I exercise everyday!!! ❤

  • Handcuff_Collector says:

    Thanks officer Tommy Norman

  • robert Evans says:

    You got to struggle somtimes push yourself for short period of time struggle to lift struggle to run that fast struggle to carry something that keeps you strong , people dont struggle and when they do someone will come to help you but you should so no i do it myself.

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    Thank you your the best ❤ from Canada

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    Thank you from a brazilian who lives in Australia! You are the best🎉!

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    Hey baby

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    More wonderful information!!!

  • Jinn Doe says:

    Don’t take their poison shots.

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