Make Sure Your Doctor Tests THIS

Did you know 70% of Americans have suboptimal levels of vitamin D?

Having adequate levels of vitamin D can reduce inflammation, boost your mood, help your immune response, ease muscle aches and fibromyalgia, increase bone density, and so much more.

That’s why I co-founded @functionhealth — to provide people with better access to more information about their health. In addition to getting 100+ different lab tests done, including specific hormone health-related tests, you’ll receive insights on how to move forward.

In today’s episode, I dive into the science of this vital nutrient and explain what you can do to boost your levels starting today.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @amparocervantes5834 says:

    🙏🏽❤️Good morning to my favorite doctor and HAPPY HOLLY DAYS Thank you Gracias❤

  • @PeCo333 says:

    First everybody should have checked his gut!

  • @Charlie-xs9kb says:

    I had that test taken, and since my insurance doesn’t cover it, costed me $200 out of pocket. Suffice to say, I was way below the normal recommended value.

    • @donnajohnson3334 says:

      I know !. It’s crazy. Why they don’t ck this unless you get in their face about it… Just why ?. My guess is it’s not a big pharma drug.
      My Mo would go downhill in Winter. Pale, weak, so I had her report for her diabetes ck, (so they could ok her for Metformin, ) so I asked if she ould get a D ck. The nurse chewed on me, even insulted my intellegence for asking. (Mom had been low on D before and was no longer getting D shots… it made sense to me). Nurse came back to me saying ” She’s low…HOW DID YOU KNOW THAT ?!”.
      People think if they get D2 from milk they are ok, but we need D3.

  • @gregsharp6467 says:

    I take a liquid vitamin D every morning under my tongue 😛. I was low, now I feel better

  • @ranjithagirish3879 says:

    I take a supplement

  • @leyla867 says:

    Agreed. I was b12 and D deficient upon cancer dx of Lymphoma

  • @jakehayes1345 says:

    Thank you Dr! I have a yearly visit w/ my Doc….. gotta get this one done.

  • @MegalodonShark_ says:

    Thanks for sharing!

  • @bryanwalker614 says:

    Diet needs to be foundation of mental health treatment

  • @davidsimpson7307 says:

    So glad I live somewhere I can run around half naked in the middle of the day, at least three months of the yr anyway. 😂

  • @MissyPiggy72 says:

    My GP never tested for Vitamin D deficiency . I wasn’t tested until I started my program for bariatric surgery and they tested for it along with a lot of other things and found out that I was indeed Vitamin D deficient

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