Dave McKinnon

  • @lucy-cp1wf says:

    Good to know. Thank you for reminding us. It’s the best thing to clean the arteries.

  • @MelissaOHarra says:

    The planet thanks you!! 😊😊

  • @-16_ says:

    Sound great! 🎉Having the mint with lemon water Wow🎉Thank You Dr M💯💪🏽❤️

  • @IndyArmada says:

    Danke schön ❤❤❤

  • @barbaraburnette9641 says:

    This is great doctor and delicious, too! Thank you!

    • @horrorflickent says:

      he is great, he really is and between him and a few of the doctors on here I started juicing heavily and it’s been great honestly I have never had this kind of micro and macro nutrient system in my body so or in my body system rather, but I will say this it’s definitely not tasty LOL the bitterness of lemon mixed with that mint tastes awful but I’m still working on doing a pitcher for tomorrow

    • @juliemcdaniel499 says:

      We’re not gonna enjoy everything that’s good/healthy for us but another Doc on yt says do it anyway bcuz it’s good 4 our bodies js.

    • @horrorflickent says:

      @@juliemcdaniel499 I know and I’m with ya 99.9% …I agree

    • @juliemcdaniel499 says:

      @@horrorflickent it was Dr. Berg who said that btw👍

    • @horrorflickent says:

      @@juliemcdaniel499 your right

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    Good advice. Thank you.

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    Thank You so much Dr.Mandell!!!GOD ❤🎉

  • @bryanblanks1714 says:

    Lemon ginger blast recipe! Your opinion! Please!

  • @juliawah8674 says:

    Health is the greatest joy.
    Do not go astray from the Creator God.

  • @adlihkristopher2906 says:

    Thank you Dr Mandell Happy Holidays to you and your family ❤❤

  • @catherineharris27 says:

    Lemon 🍋 -cut into edges/Juice from fresh lemon (1 squeeze) , squeeze mint (6) leaves.Add water…Soak it overnight in refrigerator….Drink in on Empty stomach in the morning.
    CLEANSE UR LIVER!! ADD water 💧 !!

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    Dr. Mandell is a blessing. ❤

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    You are glowing doc

  • @normamorales1568 says:

    We do this 2morrow thank you so much blessing.

  • @mattdi333 says:

    Water with a fresh lemon wedge like this does actually help prevent heartburn/ acid reflux. It was the only natural remedy for me after suffering for about 2 years. Just drink some a little before you eat a meal.

  • @estherlansana7182 says:

    Wow what a caring and helpful Doc you are ThankYou God’s love and blessings ❤

  • @chrisqualls129 says:

    Thank you for caring and sharing

  • @elizclark4912 says:

    Good morning everyone, another day to say thank God for his mercies;) . I have been drinking lemon tea every morning. Will see what.my blood says. My husband blood work was great because I feed him from your advice Dr..Mandel ❤❤.

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    Thanks for sharing❤❤❤❤❤

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    Thank you God ❤

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