Dave McKinnon

  • @williamevans6522 says:

    Whole fruit sourced!

    Or the g3net1cally engineered, discrete molecule ( without essential bioflavinoids and other goodies) from synthetic sources -c0rn and ge sugar beets.

    C is also a chiral molecule. It has a mirror image form.

    Which one do you want?

  • @-16_ says:

    Awe God Bless You Dr you are a great amazing person we all love, your Mum and Sister as well that give us an amazing motivation for life, love my Vitamin C everyday so don’t have to burn our skin with to much sun🍋🥝💯

  • @christinedepalo345 says:

    How much vitamin C should we take for someone in their sixties

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    👍Yes indeed

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    Thank you Dr. Mandell

  • @abdulakber5316 says:

    Hi Doc,
    Would you mind explaining the effect of the Vitamin C supplement on the kidneys.

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    LOVE 🙏🙏🙏

  • @cecilarollroll says:

    Hi Dr Mandell . I take vitamin C daily. Thanks for the confirmation. You are “The Best”

  • @BlackAfrikan says:

    Doc…I eat lots of fruits and vegetables with vitamin C, and I take extra vitamin C almost daily…but what dosage of extra vitamin C do you recommend?

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    Interesting. 👍

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    Great words of advice and wisdom! Thank you very much!

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    Have a blessed day…

  • @EEE-jb4zw says:

    Take good quality vit. C, not the one that says Ascorbic Acid, which is synthetic Vit. C.
    Please recommend daily doses.

  • @just_too_Petty says:

    I take a VitC supplement daily❤

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    Thank you Doc

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    ❤Amen ❤yes ❤

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    Thank you for your support❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

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    Thanks again ❤

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    Thank you Dr Mandell for this helpful advice ❤

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