Dave McKinnon

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    i just woke up grabbed my phone looking for just this😊

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    Am doing this together with you Dr Mandell thank you ❤

  • @eilis23 says:

    Sometimes swollen ‘cervical lymph nodes’ are the culprit. A common cold can cause this.

  • @user-ix1sf9wm8k says:

    Dr. Mandel, your videos seam to be great timing. I was having some of the symptoms. God bless you.

  • @isaaclanham1733 says:

    Worked like charm. Great tip.

  • @snailspace3938 says:

    Believe it or not, but doing neck muscle exercise actually helps to reduce my tinnitus

  • @patriciathemaras3274 says:

    Wow. I wake up every morning feeling exactly like this to the point I have to call in from work. I sure hope it helps, too.

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    You’re awesome, Doc! Thanks 😊

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    Thank u doc a Angel from God bless u❤

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    I Love Dr Mandell😊

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    Thank you sir, you’re amazing. Don in WV

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    You are absolutely the best! ❤😊

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    You are an angel Dr. Mandell. 😊❤

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    Thank you , you are wonderful super man. It is so good to know about the neck muscles ❤ you God bless

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    Thx Doc, yes have this many mornings❤appreciate ALL ur awesome natural healing exercises 💕

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    ❤️that’s me sometimes or when i have mowed the lawn it’s not a good feeling, God Bless you Dr i am so grateful 🙏

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    Thank you Dr Mandel….I love your videos!

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    Thsnk you Dr. Mandell. I highly appreciate your helping freely.

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    I’ve been suffering with neck pain like what the doctor describes
    I immediately tried it and it works. Dr. Mandell as usual, is right on the money. I follow him daily. Thanks Dr. Mandell

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    Thanks Dr Mandell You Know and Share Best Advice Instructions

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