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    Love your creativity, it’s inspiring!

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    You’re a natural on camera, keep shining!

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    AS USUAL, ON POINT 100% !!

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    Chew on a few mint leaves after eating or drink green tea after large meals helps a lot

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    Great news Dr mandell thanks cause of us don’t know as much as other

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    Ty Dr Mandel for this info. Growing up in India, we were told to take at least 100 steps : we would go for a walk every evening at least for 30min. No one explained why. We kids had to just obey our elders!!

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    Its nice to hear this perspective! We have always been taught the opposite our whole lives- “Rest your belly after eating,
    Don’t stand while eating, Don’t exercise after eating”. That was all a scam!

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    Dr.Mandell it is a blessing how you are putting yourself out for us I pray for you and your Mother keep up the encouraging videos make it a great day😊 a good

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