Not all fiber is healthy: The Truth About Oatmeal

Join Dr. Gundry as he dives into the complex world of dietary fiber, with a special focus on oatmeal. Learn why not all fiber is created equal and how oatmeal fits into the picture. Tune in to gain insights on making the best dietary choices for your health.

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Dave McKinnon

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  • @marylouangulo7917 says:

    What about organic oats? Can we eat them?

  • @veiledzmmindset says:

    What the best food we eat in the morning ?

  • @mihaisirbu9766 says:

    Solution: buy 100% oats without added things and eat them with nuts, enjoy.

  • @paris5950 says:

    We can eat anything just moderately. You cannot eat these and that don’t make life so difficult. During childhood every one eat everything ❤

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