Nutrition Myths: 7 Shocking Facts About Dairy You Need To Know | Dr. Mark Hyman

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We’re told that milk is a perfect food that we should drink daily—three glasses to be exact—in spite of a large (and growing) body of research showing its lack of benefits and awful side effects. Even though cow’s milk today contains dozens of reproductive hormones, allergenic proteins, antibiotics, and growth factors, some of which are known to promote cancer, the dairy industry wants us to believe that their cows are happily producing milk and grazing through green pastures. For the most part, that couldn’t be further from the truth.

In today’s episode of my series I’m calling Health Bites, I talk about common dairy myths, why it is such a contentious food, how to tackle the pros and cons of whether it belongs in your diet, and which dairy is actually okay to eat.

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Milk and Health:

Dave McKinnon

  • ابتسام احمد says:

    اخي او اختي صاحب القناه بعرف انه مهو من حقي اعلق على قناتك بس يشهد الله ضروفنا قاسيه واجبرتني على هذا اشي ارجوك سامحني💔💔والله العظيم ما كتبت هذا المناشده غير من الضيق والفقر ياعالم حسوا فينا ارجوكم والله العظيم رب العرش العظيم انه الاكل ما في عندي بالبيت والله يا اخواني انه اخوني بقعدو باليومين مافى اكل والله وضعنا كثير صعب نحن 4 نفر داخل البيت وابي متوفي ولا يوجد من يعول علينا وساكنين في بيت اجار لانستطيع دفع الاجار اللي باقي علينا

    يا اهل الخير انا والله ما قصدي اشحد ولا ازعجكم والله انه ما في معناداخل الكيلوه الدقيق واصلا وحياة كتاب الله يا خوان ما فيه دخل علينا ولا من ايا شخص ربي يجزيك الخير يا فاعل الخير انا داخله على الله ثم عليكم يااهل الخير تقفوا معنا يا عالم حسوا فينا يا اهل الخير وين النخوة وين الاخوة وين الرحمه الى اوصى عليه النبي محمد بجاه النبي محمد تحسوا فينا انا بطلب منكم لو تساعدونى لو بثمن اكل مش طالبه شي غير انه نسد جوعنا ارجوكم من غير تجريح وكلام بكسر الخاطر انا يا خوان العيشة والله ما . عيشة فيكم تتاكدو يا اهل الخير انا توسل لكم ابوس على ايدكم تساعدونى ارجوكم امانه عليكم انا اعتبرونى اختكم عرضكم ساعدونى والله لول الضيق والفقر ما مديت ايدي اشحد من الناس استرونى يستر عرضكم وربنا يفرحكم في اطفالكم واهلكم ويبعد عنكم الضيق والحزن وربنا يجعل هذا المساعده في ميزان حسناتكم ساعدونى لو بثمن الاكل او بثمن اجار البيت ارجوكم يا اخواني يا اصحاب الضمير الحي يا اهل الخنوة واهل الكرم ارجوكم ساعدوني لو بشي قليل امانه عليكم والي حاب يساهم معي ربي يجزيه كل خير هذا رقمي00967716260325 الوتساب اللي يستطيع يساعدنا يتوصل معنا نعطيه الاسم الكامل العنوان ويحول لنا بما يستطيع وانا وسرتي نسالك بالله لولك مقدره على مساعدتنا لاتتاخر علينا و جزاك الله خير الجزا””‘:::π°•^=÷°°π÷÷√°π√√ππ°•}^°€π^^°°π÷

  • LIS JENKINS says:

    Got Milk? No Thanks!

  • ᛃ - 11NightsOfJin - ᛃ says:

    Milk is a super food!: as long as you’re not lactose intolerant and the milk is A2 and preferably full fat and raw. Modern pasteurised milk is very different from the original.

    • RowLaw says:

      Absolutely it is! Notice how he didn’t talk about any of the nutritional value of milk? Which is phenomenal!

    • AllHim Withme says:

      I make kefir with raw milk, too, but it’s not A2. Seems OK for me. Although I have rosacea and I do _everything_ else right for that including prolonged fasting, IF, and even 2 dry fasts of 24 and 38 hours within two prolonged water fasts.

  • Presumptuous Insect says:

    Dr. Hyman, I listen to you almost every day and am grateful for your work. I have been having terrible reactions to oxalates–heart palpitations, rash, and joint pain–since I started on a keto diet and have been eating spinach and other high oxalate foods. Can you please make a video about this problem? My problems were resolved when I threw away the spinach and some other foods. I think a lot of people don’t know about this and they may be suffering because doctors seem to know next to nothing about it. Thank you.

    • Dima says:

      I think it’s very important to talk more about oxalate.

    • ebutuoyebutouy says:

      Thanks for sharing. Myself take daily medication for SVT. U also do/did cauliflower and broccoli? When I went gluten free skin immediately improved: no more skin tags, no more ingrown hairs.

  • lou e says:

    I do use organic cow or goat milk to make yogurt and kefir. Which doesn’t upset my stomach but milk will.

  • Elizabeth Bouche says:

    So goats milk and cheese is better? What about the natural hormones?

  • Rae Wise says:

    Thank you so much for this. I will be sharing! So many people think the only way is the 🐮milky way!

  • boz says:

    full fat organic cow’s milk is infinitely better than any milk substitute (oat, soy, etc). casein and lactose sensitivity notwithstanding

  • Phoenix girl 11 says:

    That’s the most ludicrous video I’ve ever heard

  • Sharo Peikof says:

    I drink about 2 to 3 tablespoons of grass fed heavy cream with my coffee every day. Does that have the same effect as the 3 glasses of milk?

  • David B says:

    The problem with the non-dairy sources of calcium that you mentioned is that a lot of them have high oxalate content, for example sesame seeds/tahini and almonds and chia seeds.

  • todd harper says:

    I was hooked on milk my entire life, I drank at least a half gallon every day. I believed the hype it does a body good, I really grew to love milk more than any other beverage. I developed type 2 diabetes by the time I was 30, Now i’m 58 and I spend all my time trying to reverse Metabolic Syndrome. Thank heavens for the FDA Right?

  • Christian Grundmann says:

    What about mozzarella (called paneer in India) which is made from the milk of water buffalo cows?

  • Marty Gedeon says:

    So who are to believe, Damn.

  • Nancy Yates says:

    I love your content, Dr Hyman, but, sorry to say I miss a substantial amount of your message because you seem to speak too rapidly and skip over entire syllables in the words you speak. Ends up frequently sounding like garbled speech. Your books are wonderful and helpful, too!

  • M & J Lang says:

    Unfortunately I survived a 8.5m fall in 2012 (I say “unfortunately”, because the “journey” was rough-still is, to say the least). Many broken bones, 37 operations and 11.5 years later here I am.
    So, I thought I needed heaps of full cream milk to heal and strengthen my bones.
    I would drink 2L per day.
    Of course 4.5 months ago my metabolic diseases hit a high. 154kg and I was considering suicide again.
    So I did something desperate after much research…go Carnivore (however, more like Lion/Carnivore). Now I’m 115.1kg, much healthier no metabolic issues, no meds however I do only take Omega 3 and Apple cider Vinegar.
    I was SO ADDICTED to milk.
    Life is better again.
    If I could shake this Damm lower back pain (and other areas), then life would be awesome.
    Now I do not drink ANY milk and rarely eat cheese. I only use Ghee.

  • Rainer Maelger says:


  • Dolly says:

    I love kefir, mostly eat cottage cheese and kefir I make. Not going to give up unless will feel that my body does’t get benefits from diary products.

  • Fion Mor says:

    Raw-Farm dairy in Fresno California sells raw organic dairy…. it is fantastic….. you are talking about processed dairy mass produced by corporations that don’t give a crap about humans…. they care about $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

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