Podcast: Do Anti-Aging Creams Work? Part 1

They’re expensive and they’re everywhere. This episode features audio from:

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Dave McKinnon

  • @etiennerobert6462 says:

    Which sunscreen to use by ingredients ?

  • @IAMLove33 says:


  • @veganchiefwarrior6444 says:

    I can’t stand mineral sunscreens so I definitely want to get into the skin care that works

  • @WeCelebrateEatingPlants says:

    Thank you. What to use for sunscreen that isn’t going to soak in and do more damage?

    • @ScheveSneeuwSchuifSchep says:

      Sunscreens will always prevent more “damage” than thay they do. Are you concerned about something specific?

  • @yv6r6eug says:

    i feel like this is a repeat, but that is okay

  • @Gpacharlie says:

    Once again, veterans give their lives.

  • @purikurix says:

    Thank you very much! What about glycine (or collagen) and hyaluronic acid supplementation?

  • @aroundandround says:

    The answer to most such questions on this channel is No. Almost none of the stuff he talks about works. To the extent it’s “science”, it’s extremely weak.

    • @ScheveSneeuwSchuifSchep says:

      Sounds like you’ve never tried anything yourself! What would you recommend if you don’t like the scientific evidence in these videos?

  • @andrewpawley8883 says:

    I love these podcasts!

  • @billsemenoff says:

    Maybe just eat lots of carrots?

  • @Renatus_Eruditus says:

    Love this podcast theme! When will part 2 take place? I would love to join and ask some questions, from the perspective of a Clinical Herbalist with extensive aromatherapy training.

  • @androz38 says:

  • @misterx3188 says:

    2:10 – I think this has to be 90% of “premature” aging of the skin, not aging in general.

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