Podcast: Healthy Lungs

Asthma appears much more common than it used to be. What can we do to fight against lung disease and infection? This episode features audio from:

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Dave McKinnon

  • @PJski says:

    Vegan Jesus strikes again. Dr Gregor, thank you. Your videos, books, podcasts – heal exponentially more than any doctor ever could in his/her office. You found your calling (doctor), and you deliver in orders of magnitude.

  • @sweetlolitaChii says:

    I’d love a video on reducing picky eating. I didn’t realize how important messy eating and playing with food is. My baby loves spoon feeding so I never considered letting her touch and feel the food and get dirty

  • @spocklover110 says:

    So basically eat plant based (broccoli) and skip processed meats? Thats what a lot of his advice feels like. Thats not a knock against him, I just want to summarize. I would love to see a debate/conversation between him and Peter Attia. If I recall correctly, Peter has a different approach to nutrition than does Dr. Greger.

  • @DeannaWalsh says:

    Excellent video! Thank you so much and now I’m gonna eat more broccoli. One thing I do want to point out is asthma patients gain weight because of the ongoing lack of oxygen, which causes them to have a slower metabolism. Again, losing weight helps with asthma too. So, it’s kind of catch-22. The solution is to simply get more oxygen and these suggestions certainly can help. Definitely gotta increase that cruciferous vegetable intake.

  • @PeterKruseMusic says:

    Amazing video. Thanks Doc!

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