Podcast: Hot Flashes

Turns out that hot flashes are not inevitable. This episode features audio from:

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Dave McKinnon

  • @madamecurious says:


  • @missdenim6590 says:

    My cousin takes soy isoflavones from amazon store for her hot flashes. Shes really thin too. It took a few weeks to fully kick in but shes 90% free from hot flashes. Total life changer. Im 3 yrs older but havnt gone thru that yet.

  • @Susanonwow says:

    My only menopausal symptom was stopping menstruation. Best time of my life! I’ve been eating a WFPB diet before and after with a regular intake of soy in various forms. It may be just good luck but it also correlates with the subject video.

  • @homedreamteam9770 says:

    I was having hot flashes on an hourly basis. When I started putting soy milk in my coffee in the morning and also in my lunch shake They completely disappeared. I have been hot flash free for at least 6 months and it is a lifesaver! Thank you!!!

    • @Lucysmom26 says:

      Yes I had exactly the same experience. I started eating either edamame or cooked soybeans every day and the hot flashes basically disappeared. They start up again as soon as I slack off on the soy. I know it’s possibly not as black and white in terms of results for other women but my mind has kind of been blown by how effective soy is. And edamame is delicious and super healthy so it’s not even a hardship.

  • @kirstypollock6811 says:

    I’ve been on WFPB, including plenty of soy (beans, homemade soy yoghurt, tofu), since the last week of December, so over 3 months. It’s had NO effect at all on my hot flashes. None.

    I was already slim (56kg @170cm) BMI 20, moderately active. 52 years old, menopause just about kicking in, hot flashes regularly for about 2 years (on and off, but I still had the odd period in that first year)

    I have to confess to being very disappointed!

    • @Lucysmom26 says:

      Fascinating, I just posted in response to someone else saying soy was extremely effective for her hot flashes. I’ve had the same results, to the point that they stop completely if I eat soy every day and start up again if I stop. I wish we knew more about what hot flashes actually are, because it seems like maybe a complex mechanism in each woman? I’m sorry you had no luck with soy.

  • @chanazify says:

    Love this channel ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • @mrohde2067 says:

    And the protein minus the natural sugar is a no brainer for soy milk in my lattes/smoothies 👍😊

  • @kristymayo494 says:

    This certainly explains why I have fewer hot flashes than my friends who are the same age (or younger). I am occasionally warmer than I’d like to be but it’s just a minor annoyance.

  • @ameliat8981 says:

    They’re common but not everyone gets them. My mom didn’t but mine are vicious without hrt.

  • @JMo268 says:

    Off topic – Sprouts, hype or reality? If there is something to this, is one type better than another? Broccoli sprouts? Sulpheraphane?

  • @debbiedaymoon6145 says:

    did he say that hormone therapy significantly increases risk of heart attack??? what hormone is he referring to? every menopause dr says estrogen protects you from heart disease! i’m so confused.

    • @caeran4life says:

      HRT improves bones, keep arteries supple, and assists with deterring Alzheimer’s. Check out Menopause Taylor, Dr Heather Hirsch and a slew of current Drs assisting women understand the effects of estrogen deficiency

  • @archangelarielle262 says:

    I am a man with ME/ CFS. I trialled low-dosed Risperidone for about a month about 4 years ago to see if it would help, like some anecdotes. It did not. Instead, I’ve been left with severe night sweats, anhedonia, apathy ever since I took it. No treatment has helped.

  • @andrewpawley8883 says:

    I love these podcasts.

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