Podcast: How Not to Age (Part 2)

More insights from my latest book, How Not to Age

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Dave McKinnon

  • @davide2268 says:

    You’re amazing 🎉

  • @critters16 says:


  • @Go-zi1py says:

    Does soymilk have the same impact as cow’s milk?

    • @annoyedaussie3942 says:

      No, different proteins, different fats. About calcium look at the nutritional label regarding calcium as it’s usually fortified with soy milk substitute .

    • @robertdaneski3423 says:

      Not sure if products labeled ‘Soya milk’ actually qualify as milk as it’s just beans in effect.

    • @MqKosmos says:

      ​@@robertdaneski3423what do you call coconut milk?

  • @aroundandround says:

    None of the specific recommendations of this guy make any difference, little different from shamans and old wives’ remedies.

    • @eelkeaptroot1393 says:

      Could be my personal bias, but eating more plants, plants and more plants in particular in their unprocessed form makes total sense to me!

    • @annoyedaussie3942 says:

      Except every single government recommendation on the planet is 90% in agreement with this particular shaman’s advice.

    • @jasonbills8385 says:

      😂 science disagrees. I disagree, 4 years plant based vegan, no more high blood pressure or medicine(s)a host of other things that completely changed my life.

  • @annoyedaussie3942 says:

    As an omnivore fan , thanks for this, haven’t seen part 1 yet and am about to watch it.

  • @isobel8788 says:

    This man is amazing 🤩 👏👏thank u for ur continued hard work – all with a fantastic sense of humour 2 😄

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