Podcast: Is Spicy Food Good for You?

Not only delicious, but perhaps life-extending, too. This episode features audio from:

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Dave McKinnon

  • James Bond says:

    I eat spicy food every day and I can attest to the endorphins. It’s actually exciting followed by a calming effect. I personally believe it is like cold water immersion or a trip to the sauna- it’s an acute stress that calms you after.

  • My Sabbatical Year says:

    Thank you for this info Dr Greger! About 15 years ago I couldn’t even handle 1-star spiciness, but since then have developed liking for the stuff. Had no idea or intention, just had a partner who cooked this way. Never thought he wanted it for my benefit, quite the opposit, kept accusing him of wanting to kill me 🤣

  • Henk * says:

    😮healthy if you don’t get colon cancer

  • RelaxGood says:

    I have had to highly cut back on spicy foods since I started having problems with them since finding out I have a hiatal hernia.

  • Jason P says:

    @9:09 actually, it is pepper X 👍🏼

  • Meredith White says:

    I have always loved spicy food. I got more into it because hot sauce was something I could add to food that added flavor without adding many calories. I love trying new hot sauces or cooking with different kinds of peppers.

    Btw Pepper X was recently named the hottest pepper by Guinness World Records. It is about 2.7 million SHU 🥵

  • tamcon72 says:

    Useful information, for diners _and_ World Bank protesters! Thanks for posting!

  • Marga Paris says:

    Sounds for me more like selfdefence.😂

  • Spicy says:

    This has been a suspicion of mine for several years if not a couple of decades. Being from India, I can’t help but love spice and heat.

  • Joe Dirt says:

    On January 6, 2021 at the US Capitol it was not just police using pepper spray the rioters also deployed it on the police.

  • Spicy says:

    I think citric acid does the same thing as red pepper powder in terms of tricking your taste buds. I learned that accidentally in my kitchen, ha ha ha what I do is cut up, Serano peppers and red onions and keep it in white vinegar. I Dowsett over my food. I also give a sofa roofing punch which is soaking black mustard seeds in vinegar and using that over foods as well. I don’t know I do all the right things but I still don’t seem to lose weight. Perhaps I have to cut down on the chocolates.

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