Podcast: Is Yoga Good for You? Part 1

The answer may surprise you. This episode features audio from:

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Dave McKinnon

  • @MNSkeetFamily says:

    I started doing hatha yoga a few months ago, just a simple 30 minute routine. My Apple Watch tracks my heart rate and I can say that my heart rate is definitely elevated for the entire routine. Adding yoga helped my range of motion and ability to stand up better when laying on the floor. All in all I enjoy it very much and feel better.

  • @yogawithjengentleyoga3614 says:

    You can easily get a cardio workout doing repeated sun salutations! It’s a lot like burpees!

  • @DB-gf5gu says:

    Yoga has all the benefits of meditation as well, if you are doing it right. Focus on bodily sensations takes you into the present moment.

  • @anthonysaguto3350 says:

    Try Ashtanga yoga primary series. It is called the boot camp of yoga. Very tough but try to relax and only use necessary energy or force.

  • @iahorvath says:

    Thank you for this vlog. I agree with you. As long as you’re moving, it’s healthy – no matter what it is.

  • @ronviers says:

    ‘yoga’ is a red herring. ‘stretching’ is just resistance exercise in the other direction with the added benefit of stressing (and maintaining) the extracellular matrix. it’s good for you, really good

  • @uswilkibr says:

    Some Yoga instructors incorporate cardio and calisthenics along with the yoga. I work out 4 days a week, usually in 3 15 minute workouts (on work-breaks), everything is on the table, but Boho Beautiful has some well rounded exercises for those who want more intensity and well-rounded exercise. 2000 step workouts are also fun and about 15 minutes, with less time I do a 5 minute Tabata hit cardio that kicks my behind. There is a ton of stuff on YT for whatever level you’re at! I plan on incorporating walking into the remaining 3 days of the week now that I know of it’s benefits!

  • @SamanthaShelley says:

    Yoga has been so good for my mind and helps me feel way more in touch with my body, which naturally lends itself to a plant based diet.

  • @robinsaxophone232 says:

    My friend has been instructing me an other seniors in yoga with some Pilates and balance exercises. I have been doing it for years and I believe it helps my arthritis, sinuses and state of mind. I’m sure the breathing is a large part of it. I’m 69 and wfpb for seven years.

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