Podcast: Living Longer Through Diet and Calorie Restriction

Reduce our calories to live longer? This episode features audio from:

Visit the video pages for all sources and doctor's notes related to this podcast.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @davidgeorge7443 says:


  • @QuocTaHoang says:

    Im here to bet: in this video he will say one of this phrase: “put it to the test/ we dont knowwww, until now/the more the better”

    • @QuocTaHoang says:

      Dang i miss the:” there’s only one way to find out”.

    • @adiposerex5150 says:

      Grow up.

    • @QuocTaHoang says:

      7:46 nice

    • @QuocTaHoang says:

      ​​@@adiposerex5150bruh if you bored, try some easy 4 miles per hour running, use your phone, Strava app to calculate your speed. after you run 2-3 miles, trusy me your brain will feel refreshed. Do it, make an effort.

    • @QuocTaHoang says:

      ​​​@@adiposerex5150if you are bored try some running. Do an easy running 4 miles per hour, use your phone, Strava app to calculate your speed. After you run 3-4 miles, trust me your brain will feel refreshed and fun as hell, do it, give it a shot. And tell me what it feels when you are done!

  • @ChrisGroggyCreaser says:

    5 Day water fasting WORKS!!…. 🙂

  • @debstayblessed9549 says:

    ‘The worse your diet is the more important it is to eat less of it ‘ 💡 haha😂 you think….?

  • @sudd3660 says:

    anyone else notice the audio is a bit off?
    there is some filter it has been thru and it sound annoying.
    i am not going to guess where the problem is, just to say that somewhere in the chain it gets messed up.
    if it is on YouTube’s end then we are screwed, they probably went all ai on everything…..

  • @dorianoddi3452 says:

    This man frequently cites studies that are funded by big pharma. He’s been successfully indoctrinated.

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