Podcast: Mushroom Power

Many mushrooms have medicinal properties that may surprise you. This episode features audio from:

Visit the video pages for all sources and doctor's notes related to this podcast.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @lukeweaver9287 says:

    I’ll have some ergothioneine please!
    I wonder if it’s in shilajit.
    Glad I eat mushrooms, incuding Lion’s Mane, daily! 🍄 💪

    • @gb7168 says:

      This 2011 paper didn’t find evidence for shilajit health benefits: “Review on shilajit used in traditional Indian medicine”.

  • @claremorley9845 says:

    Mushrooms 🍄 … Yum 👍🏻 😋

  • @alwayslearningthankyou2708 says:

    Must mushrooms be cooked to be safe and beneficial? I heard that raw mushroom intake might not be good but cannot remember why.

  • @vegan4theanimals says:

    It’sa me, Michael! 🍄

  • @IAMLove33 says:

    I am a gourmet mushroom farmer, and obviously enjoy daily. Thank you for spreading the good word. Lion’s Mane, Blue Oyster, Shiitake,and others for the win🙏💜🌞

  • @janice2992 says:

    Thank you so much Dr Gregor. I needed that information, I had forgotten about mushrooms. Much appreciated ❤

  • @Go-zi1py says:

    No-till agriculture has been used on more than half of all crops grown in the USA and most of the world for at least the last 30 years. Saves fuel cost, reduces erosion, cuts water loss and helps reduce weed competition.

  • @oddopops1327 says:


  • @ritajhorn3585 says:

    Love this, love mushrooms ❤ thank you for this information

  • @user-cs1fm3vo7y says:

    Red and black beans also.

  • @user-bl1ji7io6u says:

    It would be great, Dr. Gregor, for non-native speakers if you could add a PowerPoint to your videos. You are sometimes difficult to understand as your comments are often emotional. Thanks.

  • @derrick2181 says:

    Mushrooms are the one thing that both carnies and vegans believe is healthy.

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