Podcast: Preventing and Treating Osteoporosis

Brittle bones and how not to get them. This episode features audio from
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Dave McKinnon

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  • @jamiefaber6262 says:

    Oh ouch! Mention of the WHI that claimed that HRT was dangerous has been debunked, and it has also left a generation of women who came off of HRT or were denied it open to increased long term health conditions. Dr Gregor, you reach so many, and I hope you will be able to dig into the better understood benefits of HRT in menopause , now referred to as MHT. A good starting point for those interested would be listening to chef AJ’s interviews with Dr Rachel Rubin and Dr Kelly Casperson.

    • @kerrybyers257 says:

      I’m one of those denied HRT in my early 50s….oooo could kill you!
      Now at 70 with severe osteoporosis (compression fx), I feel like I was slow killed anyway.
      I’ll be asking my geriatrician if I can start now. Not optimistic.

    • @kerrybyers257 says:

      Oh, and my vertebral fx was excruciating and debilitating for nearly 3 yrs!! The depression was just as bad.

    • @jamiefaber6262 says:

      @@kerrybyers257 I’m sorry that this happened for you. I hope you will check out Dr Kelly Casperson and then you will get down the rabbit hole of those speaking about hormones——there is chatter about there not being a hard and fast stop to the prospect of MHT beyond the 10 years after menopause; some in the know will look at this on an individual basis. Alloy health and Midi will take your health history and prescribe if they feel safe and appropriate. But if it is appropriate for you, hopefully your own practitioner will be open minded to it. You may need to go in armed with data though!

    • @nazeeniranfar2616 says:

      Thank you Dr. Greger for the information. I too ,like your other viewer, would be grateful if you can talk about HRT and osteoporosis and possibly the minimum possible dose of oestrogen in form of patch or cream that would be effective 🙏🏻 I truly appreciate all your great work 🙏🏻

  • @allencrider says:

    I hope Sally Field is feeling better now!

  • @spoudaois4535 says:

    Unrelated, but Dr Greger what are your thoughts onTaurine supplementation?

  • @one-step-at-a-time-curiosity says:

    Calcium supplementation looks to be unsafe. We need to get it from our diet how it was intended originally.

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