Podcast: Q&A with Dr. Greger 11

Today on the NutritionFacts Podcast, I have answers to a wide variety of your questions.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @LaurentinoDavid says:

    If you could learn anything without limits, what would it be?🔥

  • @monicasong427 says:

    The way we treat fellow non- human animals will always reflect back to fellow humans.

    Respecting vital native biodiversity is respecting humans.

    • @SebiAlan-tq3xq says:

      The idea based animal exploitation is that humans are created by god and they aren’t like the rest of the animals that are created specially by god to serve humans.

    • @monicasong427 says:

      @@SebiAlan-tq3xq The exploitation of fellow animals is the most ecologically destructive act.

      Which god would permit the extinction of such vital life?

    • @KJSvitko says:

      Humans are the only species that are destroying the very air, land and water resources that we need to survive. No other species destroys their own habitat. Think about that. Humans are not very smart.

  • @SebiAlan-tq3xq says:

    I am a Romanian and if go to an old person and tell them that we are animals too, they laugh at me and tell me that we are humans and not animals, God created us and animals and plants are created by God for full use of humans

    • @monicasong427 says:

      If I may, please ask the elders— if humans are not animals then what biological kingdom do we belong to?

    • @SebiAlan-tq3xq says:

      @@monicasong427 Romania is still a very religious country, people think that humans are created by god from dirt and we don’t belong to the biological kingdom or something. The idea is that animal exploitation is justified through religious belief and that a big obstacle to a non-exploiting animal world.

    • @monicasong427 says:

      @@SebiAlan-tq3xq Religion has such a way cheery picking scriptures.

      If a god is of importance, then it would be imperil to align one’s actions according to god.

      In genesis, the only chapter a god spoke stated, “I give you all the plants and seeds of the field.”

      Not disease ridden slaughterhouses.

  • @romanb1827 says:

    I’m fortunate to have found a great plant-based doctor!!

  • @lindaripp5902 says:


  • @CoreyLevitan1 says:

    Do all the questions asking what BRAND of supplements annoy you as much as they annoy me? Anybody who has watched more than 10 of your videos, and has average cognitive ability, realizes that you will NEVER recommend a specific brand of any supplement and for good reason … You would be accused of taking money from that company to recommend them. Keep up the great and important work!

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