Podcast: Q&A with Dr. Greger 12

Should you use protein supplements? What are the benefits of niacin? Dr. Greger answers your questions.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @DR-wr8qj says:

    Such great information. Terrible shame that the good doctor slurs so much of his content. Turn on closed captions, and you will see words like hibiscus transformed into hsss or he’s or hs. Please, Doctor Greger, slow down your speech for those of us who want to hear your content.

  • @NoahForster-zf5yz says:

    How do you feel about change?🧡

  • @EthanGalbraith-xw7fc says:

    What is your funniest childhood memory?😛

  • @Joseph1NJ says:

    Where’s that time stamp dude when you need him?

  • @cynthiadillon-munsterman5095 says:

    Can’t wait for the Portfolio diet videos!!! You are awesome Dr. Greger!!!!

  • @KasKade7 says:

    Took Niacin 500mg, but flush was kinda strong. So I took 100mg daily, expecting the flush 5 times smaller. Did not make any difference. Still strong flush. Strangely, some days no flush at all. Almost forgot I took Niacin. I tryed to figure out what affects the flush, no luck. Empty stomach or after food doesnt seem to make a difference for me….

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