Podcast: What’s on That Label?

Many drugs and supplements don’t work as advertised. This episode features audio from:

Visit the video pages for all sources and doctor's notes related to this podcast.

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Dave McKinnon

  • @Brenna-yk8gp says:

    Many thanks to the author, pleasant tracks have been selected that do not break the dynamics and hearing, respect!💝🐱

  • @lukeweaver9287 says:

    90 plus % of people with heath problems that we share fairly easy health fixes for their issues prefer getting a pill from the dr. and/or not changing their unhealthy diets/lifestyles. The few that have saw remarkable improvements.

    • @markjones2453 says:

      Yup that’s the truth and the absolute problem “Dr do you have a pill for this I’m to lazy or simply don’t want to change my habits that I myself the vast majority of the time can fix”

  • @lukeweaver9287 says:

    FDA expert advisory panel is an oxymoron 😂

  • @janetthoke8027 says:

    So how do we find reputable sources for our b12 and vitamin D that you recommend?

  • @johndroycroft says:

    Thank you for sharing . We appreciate your efforts

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