Podcast: Wrinkle Reducers

The surprising science behind the lines on our faces. This episode features audio from:

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Dave McKinnon

  • @G-rig6969 says:

    The sun and excessive exposure is the worst thing for anti-ageing.

  • @betzib8021 says:

    Well…any and all means I can afford anyway

  • @verttikoo2052 says:

    Want to make your face look good? Eat one whole carrot 🥕 per day. You have to use your teeth and your face muscles to crunch it. Our problem is that we don’t chew our food anymore because everything is made soft.

    • @HendersonHinchfinch says:

      That’s just not true at all lol. Do you blend all of your food or what?

    • @jascha1867 says:

      @@HendersonHinchfinch The hypothesis is very logical in my mind. Consider the amount of processing through baking and cooking and how that reduces our daily chewing needs. There is some evidence to support this. Take a look at the book “Jaws – The Story of a Hidden Epidemic”. I remember reading parts and being quite surprised about the anthropological evidence of anatomic differences between western humans and 19th century hunter-gatherers. I do not recall my thoughts about the rigor of the book’s research, but check it out!

    • @verttikoo2052 says:

      Think the carrot 🥕 being your facial gym. Your face muscles gets the exercise and carrot 🥕 has all the nutrients your skin deserves. Just one medium carrot 🥕 and that is it. You don’t need to go overboard with it.

  • @HendersonHinchfinch says:

    Love your content but can you just talk normally? Your tone and delivery feels so forced and unnatural.

    • @Emotionallyattachedtorocks says:

      Shut your face, you don’t speak to Dr. Gregor that way ✊

    • @phatmonkey11 says:

      I love the way he talks. What if someone told you to stop talking the way you’ve talked you’re whole life?

  • @Emotionallyattachedtorocks says:

    Want to make your face look good? Blend one small veggie piece 🥦 in a glass of water 7x a day. DON’T STRAIN THE PULP, THERE’S A REASON I SAY ONE SMALL PIECE OF VEGGIE!!! Hydration, antioxidants and fiber are important. The problem is we don’t drink enough water, consume enough antioxidants or fiber anymore.

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