Dave McKinnon

  • @mariapaul3905 says:

    Can you help with heel pain I got it after many years plantar fascitis

  • @mariapaul3905 says:

    Thanks for the above 🔥🙏🏽

  • @Bubblegumswitch says:


  • @marilynhill8908 says:

    Yes ❤❤tenderness I found it

  • @robbiew8614 says:

    Nice pedicure Doc’😂

  • @jamiewhelan31 says:

    I thought for a second they were your painted toe nails doc😅

  • @two4u443 says:

    😂Kinda funny….you had your bare foot up on your leg and in the next shot, there’s a foot with painted red toenails. 😂😂 Nice pedicure!!😂

  • @miguelitocunsuelo7200 says:

    Wow, nice nails Doc

  • @saoirsemorridanes says:

    That toe nail polish switcheroo tho’ 😅!! Teehee

  • @sarahnorthrop9823 says:

    😂 I thought that was your foot Doc with the red nails!

  • @laveraharper9698 says:

    Such good news! Thank you, Doctor Mandell ❤️

  • @BeeKnd says:

    Thank you Dr Mandell . You are awesome. Much respect

  • @chomperthefirst533 says:

    I am shocked at Dr Mandelld choice of toe nail polish! 😅

  • @adlihkristopher2906 says:

    Let me give this a try because i need to fall asleep 😴

  • @amarohelicopters says:

    Did anyone else think that was his foot at first?!!! 😂

  • @szc521 says:

    Do you have one on panic attacks or somewhere a master list?

  • @staceyc7068 says:

    Thanks 💕

  • @user-mj5qs7zr2u says:

    And wereee love You!!! Thank you Dr.

  • @tmax8029 says:

    Once again Dr, thanks for your professionalism in suggesting non pill options to help people with various ailments.🙏🏾

  • @sofiawheaton7209 says:

    Thank you Doctor. Buenos Noches 🙏🏽

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