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    Thanks Dr. Mandell

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    Love you so much Dr. Mandell!!! Thank you for always sharing healthy ways with us! ❤️❤️💪🏻

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    I love your contest ❤

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    Always love watching land learning with you god bless love your station

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    Nice to know about great attributes of olives as it reduces inflammation , lipid profile and cholesterol level down and polyphenols protecting our heart. Really knowledge sharing is a blessing. Thanks Doc 🙏

  • @clairesweeney4334 says:

    For those concerned with the salt, my favorite are the Italian Castelvetrano olives with the pit. They aren’t nearly as salty as others especially when you get them from an olive bar in a market instead of in the jar. The best!

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    Thanks doctor

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    I love attributes of things

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    I LOVE olives!! Good info, thanks!

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    Dr.mandell you teach us so much and I thank you so much
    I am going to keep watching again thank you so much, heart heart health is everything

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    Gods Blessing Dr I have got an amazing 970g organic greek jar that’s keeping me going love them❤️

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    Doctor, thank you so much* blessings

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    Thank you Sir!

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    I love olives, and olive oil in my stir fry, on vegetables too. I just love frozen peas, cabbage, steamed, with pink Himalayian salt and olive oil, with finely chopped garlic. I eat this with multigrain sourdough bread. Just beautiful!!! Yum!!

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    Love olives and Xtra vergin olive oil. Thank you Dr. Mandel you are a 100% teacher.

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    Thank u Dr Mandela healthy heart x

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    Thank you!:) 🙏🤗

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    Love and absolutely adore green olives, I eat a jar 2 or 3 times a week. I crave them a lot.

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    Thank you, Doctor Mandell ❤️

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