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In this live lecture, Dr. Greger offers a insight into his latest New York Times Bestselling book, How Not to Age.

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Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution!
-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Dave McKinnon

  • @Ryan-jf5sm says:

    *nods thoughtfully with a mouth full of ribeye*

  • @TruthSucksBig says:

    Fak no.

  • @bohditony says:

  • @Suomaaken says:

    Vegetables and Omega 3 rich Fish is the best Diet.

    • @CRM-114 says:

      Algae oil is the better source for omega 3. No micro plastics, no toxins.

    • @jennahtailya4726 says:

      If you give me the chance I’d like to explain all the reasons thats untrue

    • @Suomaaken says:

      @@jennahtailya4726 ok, please explain it.

    • @payattention31 says:

      With a good dose of mercury and DDT and others.

    • @jennahtailya4726 says:

      @Suomaaken  unless you grew them you’re probably eating pesticides and the vegetables themselves have underlying issues, they’re filled with human carcinogens and hormone blockers, even the WHO added a list of human carcinogens found in plants there is no denying you need the vitamins they produce but you can get all of them from animals or fruit, omega 3 is also pretty bad man…when animal fats are replaced with omega 3s health declination begins, if you’d like I can deep dive on omega 3 intake, it’s just not good at all, fish is great for the magnesium but that’s about it

  • @MyJam says:

    I thought he said when you get to a high enough level of protein it doesn’t matter anymore if it comes from animal sources or plant sources. If he was wrong about that and this video is the actual truth then that would make me happy as an aspiring body builder who wants to put on a fair amount of muscle.

    • @leroyj62 says:

      So after you get enough essential amino acids which the body cannot produce, you are mainly looking for the nitrogen atom present in each amino acid molecule. That’s why protein source doesn’t matter after a certain intake threshold. However, many bodybuilders like to spike their IGF-1 by consuming more BCAAs and methionine. This increases some factors that lead to muscle growth at the expense of slight kidney and liver damage and slightly more significant increased risk of cancer.

    • @leroyj62 says:

      Unfortunately, if you want to compete in bodybuilding, you will benefit financially from harming your long term health.

  • @JuliaJulia007 says:

  • @mykalq1MK says:

    No thank you.

  • @deangullberry8972 says:

    The red meat he is referring to is the lowest quality bs

  • @rockytop53 says:

    Look at this guy then look at someone like Shawn Baker. Then tell me who you should get nutrition advice from

    • @edvindenbeste2587 says:

      I would rather get it from the doctor and scientist than the heavily breathing full-time internet-troll

    • @rockytop53 says:

      Shawn Baker is a well respected doctor indeed. And I agree with you, if someone is breathing heavily they are likely unhealthy so I would not seek health advice from them either.

    • @edvindenbeste2587 says:

      @@rockytop53 He is not at all respected by scientists or doctors, and spends all his time as an internet troll. I would rather trust the body of scientific evidence that shows that meat is unhealthy and whole plant based diets are healthy, than some guy with a little muscle thinking he’s badass because he eats the chopped up body parts of another sentient being

    • @payattention31 says:

      You can’t compare a tall guy with a short guy.

    • @rockytop53 says:

      If we are ever in a situation where we are out in the wild. Go ahead and feed on leaves and stems. The rest will hunt and thrive. It’s basic human history

  • @swampk9 says:

    Nah man, I’m good

  • @jennahtailya4726 says:

    We could sit here and argue about methionine for hours but bottom line i would still be right and i can show you why, methionine is a necessity and when switching to plants, you get less of it so much less that it negatively impacts your health within 2 weeks just from methionine decreases, and if you chose to get enough methionine from plants, you’re ingesting thousands of human carcinogens just to do it, its silly we i even have to tell someone methionine is essential, do you want Parkinsons?unless your methionine intake is messing with your insulin, you need it

    • @mountaingirl1753 says:

      I replied to your comment in the main comment stream because at the time, I was unable to respond directly to your comment as the little icon wasn’t showing. I won’t post it all again, but I will say that promoting amino acid / protein, particularly in quantity or as only acceptable in the form of animal tissue, is dangerous.

    • @vcool says:

      Intermittent restriction may yield the benefits without the costs.

    • @jennahtailya4726 says:

      @mountaingirl1753  fruit is another form, other than that it’s not a good pick, all other items you pick will have plenty of other underlying issues, go ahead list a few of your personal favorites

    • @ResistanceQuest says:

      Vegan ten years, healthier than you. Peace

    • @jennahtailya4726 says:

      @@ResistanceQuest I’d be down to compare blood work, and im fully carnivore, please reply!

  • @patrickfrancis5509 says:

    2 cups of beans or 4 oz of low quality red meat. The proportions are still uneven. You’d be full before I taking the same amount of proteins leaving you full and neglected at the same time.

    • @Strwbryy111 says:

      When you put it like that, you’re right. But most people who eat a healthy plant based diet aren’t just sitting down and eating a bowl of beans. I get over 30g of protein per meal on a plant based diet without even trying and I feel great. No hate to meat eaters though

    • @k.h.6991 says:

      2 cups of beans a day would be a very good thing. Eat some grains somewhere that day, and you’re no longer neglecting anything. Instead you’re helping your body get rid of cholesterol, building a healthy immune system and more.

  • @mountaingirl1753 says:

    Jennatailya, we need many nutrients in amounts far lower than Westerners consume them today, particularly amino acids and protein. Yes it’s essential, and yes, we primate frugivores can get enough from plants. There are far more carcinogenic compounds in a small amount of meat than in a large bowl of produce, unless that produce was heavily sprayed. Even then, it’s a wash between the two. None of the exclusively plant-eating people over 85 that I know through a study have a deficiency (amino acids plasma tests) Parkinson’s, etc. It’s not a small group.

  • @mountaingirl1753 says:

    Oh, Jennatailya, their insulin levels and production are just fine, as mine finally is after switching to a WFPB after decades of the SAD and keto.

  • @WeCelebrateEatingPlants says:


  • @Solo-_-.. says:

    1st world problems

    • @k.h.6991 says:

      Actually, cancer rates and obesity are up in ‘3rd world’ countries too, because people are moving away from their ancestral foods, consuming more meat and junk, and less wholesome plant foods. This affects poor people around the world more, in fact, because junk is often more accessible and affordable. And that includes the worst of meat: processed meat, which is a known carcinogen.

  • @vcool says:

    Isoleucine restriction too is important, and it is very much in plants too.

  • @ResistanceQuest says:

    If you use sources like soy with rich amino acid profiles, will you negate this benefit?

    • @k.h.6991 says:

      Nope. Soy is not that rich. It does contain some methionine and BCA, but that’s a good thing: we do need some.

  • @silglo says:

    I heard from another doctor that for longevity we need 0.8-1 gram of protein for each pound of weight 🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️🤷‍♀️

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