Dave McKinnon

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    Don’t ever miss tongue day

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    Thanks Doc appreciate your wisdom & time ❤🎉❤😊😊😊

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    ❤will try thanks for sharing this to us😇😇God bless❤

  • @trishaporte says:

    Great thing to do while driving!!

  • @DavisShopworx says:

    Have you ever thought of doing like a weekly setup daily stylized workout program to help keep us young, like one day this would be a exercise and every Sunday for instance would have this or maybe a day rotation, where each week is off a day?
    You have such great input and knowledge and it would be great to see a network to help us all take care of ourselves and hopefully kiss the pills goodbye!
    Thanks Doc!

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    Thank you Dr. Mandell, you keep me going. 🙏❤🙏

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    Thank you so very much Dr.Mandell!
    I need this 😊!!!

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    😅 you are a great blessing Dr!!❤❤❤

  • @enjoy7024 says:

    Yes, we need those types of exercises to maintain facial youth; signs of facial aging are not just about lines and wrinkles; sagging contours of the face are even more prevalent and not enough attention paid to slowing this down.

  • @likalikuLike says:

    I’m doing it while watching your video right now, if you don’t use it, we lose it. Well, thank you so much Doctor ❤

  • @-16_ says:

    Absolutely Dr Thank you🙏 love this one also because you can do when gone to bed, unfortunately we can’t stop aging but we can help ourselves with these amazing techniques with gratitude to Dr Mandell.

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    THANK YOU DR, I needed this one 😂 really. You have made my day already

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    🙂👍 Happy Easter. Thanks for keeping us healthy and aware. 🙏

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    😅😂🤣 if you don’t use it; you’ll lose it !!! That’s so true. I had a ballet teacher who used to say that. When you said that you took me back years! 🩰🎶🎯🗽🏖😜🤔😁 Thanks for the memories doc. Blessings🙏 to you for keeping us going!!! ❤U.😍

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    Thank you Dr Mandell . You look young and your face is so smooth with no wrinkles .Bless you sir. ❤🤗✌🏽😘✌🏽🙏

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    Thank you Doct… you made my day 🙏🙏✨😘

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    بارك الله فيك دكتورنا الغالي🌹🤍

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    Thats why Dr.Mandell Looks Young & Tight Skin ❤ Thanks for Sharing ..

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    Thanks for the wisdom you share ❤

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    LOVE Dr. Mandell, Blessings to him and his family!!

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