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    Best Doctor Ever 😸

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    Also do not use a metal spoon. The metal kills off antioxidants in the honey, and the honey wouldn’t be as effective. Same goes for using honey for anything.

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    Love this channel, it’s like that giant book of healthy tips everone has 🙏😇🤗🦋♥️❣️

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    YOU have beautiful skin!

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    ❤ty..I’m learning so much from you

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    Best Face mask – Start fresh wash face- Whip up some egg whites – Let that dry Don’t move. When drying totally closing up. Rinse Luke warm water – RINSe As in splash off Gently . I guarantee your face will feel so smooth – After the warm splash – Splash with Cold water! Closes UP pores. And hydrate inside Drink water – Use moisturizes . And plenty of rest- Get Rid of the Stress . 😊😊Amen

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    🫠 love it. 🤭 a face mask with honey. How lovely, so happy

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    Thank you Dr i will do that I could do with a refresher to my skin, those harmful air pollutions are shocking.

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    ماشاء الله .. تبارك الله .. شكراً دكتورنا الغالي من المعلومات الرائعة🤍⚘️

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    You Sir are the Real Deal. God Bless you and God Bless Israel.

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