Remedy for Gout and Uric Acid – Straight From the Garden

Find out about the powerful plant chemical that could be the perfect natural gout remedy.


0:00 Introduction: The best natural remedy for gout
1:15 Sulforaphane for gout
3:10 Uric acid and your kidneys
4:38 Check out my other video on uric acid and gout!

In this video, we’re going to talk about a natural remedy for gout. Gout medications work by inhibiting the xanthine oxidase enzyme that converts purine into uric acid.

If you want to get rid of gout naturally, you need to eliminate things like alcohol and fructose from your diet. However, many people do this and still have gout!

Is there a natural inhibitor for the xanthine oxidase enzyme that can work as an effective home remedy for gout? The answer is yes!

Sulforaphane is a plant chemical or polyphenol that may be the perfect home remedy for gout.

The best sources of sulforaphane are broccoli sprouts and radish sprouts. You can also find it in a capsule. Sulforaphane is one of the most bioavailable polyphenols with around 80 percent bioavailability. This means that it’s highly absorbable.

Sulforaphane can activate genes and enzymes that help to eliminate poisons and carcinogens from the body. It can activate over 100 defense genes!

Sulforaphane helps restore the nephron in the kidneys, which allows the body to filter out toxins. Our body makes uric acid, which is filtered out through the kidneys. If they cannot filter out uric acid, gout can sometimes be caused by an issue at the kidney level.

Sulforaphane helps upregulate antioxidants, reducing free radical damage and inflammation. It also increases microbial diversity, allowing microbes to dismantle and remove excess uric acid from the body.

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Thanks for watching! Consider trying sulforaphane to help get rid of gout symptoms and gout pain. I’ll see you in the next video.

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  • @JSFGuy says:

    The show today… Methylene blue fixed it for me. The same day.

  • @jmdiaz313 says:

    Hi, do you have any informative video on glycerol or glycerin?

    I love your channel! I share it with everyone at work…

  • @ivanfletcher4671 says:

    black cherry juice also does really well at keeping gout flare ups at bay.

  • @rcdyer says:

    Thanks Doc. Love your videos. You have helped my family, friends and I greatly. I take 400mcg of Sulforaphane daily and eat almost daily a serving of broccoli. Wouldn’t go a day without it.

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    i love that you have the transcript option, often, i like to screenshot certain parts. THANKS !

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    Tart cherry juice is available at most major grocery stores

    • @Siquomb1 says:

      Amazon sells a brand that my Costco used to carry. Great taste and works for me! Cherry Bay Orchards Tart Cherry Juice, 64 oz Bottle: 100% Natural Cherry Juice. Buy a 2-pack for $avings.

    • @smooth_pursuit says:

      Biona is good in the UK

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      Cherry supplement in capsule is better. Less sugar.

  • @a.williams45 says:

    Great informative video. Thank you, Dr Berg.

  • @Ravedaze. says:

    I was a sufferer of gout, I gave up alcohol and started a keto diet, been gout free for over 8 months now😊

    • @carolcole570 says:

      Keep the remedies handy, Rave. I also do keto…..never used alcohol, though. And I get gout about twice a year. Just saying…….

    • @m.i.g5362 says:

      Me too any suggestion 🙏

    • @Ravedaze. says:

      @@carolcole570 I have some colchicine handy that seems to work, cherry supplements never worked for me, I’ve recently been diagnosed with diabetes type 2 and high blood pressure so my body is down for maintenance so to speak lol

    • @Ravedaze. says:

      @@m.i.g5362 give up alcohol I know it’s hard to do so but it’s better than limping to work for two weeks at a time

    • @m.i.g5362 says:

      @@Ravedaze. Man you telling me @Ravedaze unbelievable pain then it triggers to my knees rist ankles it’s crazy but I definitely drink Fridays and Saturdays and fasten Sundays thr Thursdays but let me stop the drinks thank you so much God bless 🙏

  • @deborahfischer5708 says:

    I suffer from gout. My points of attack are my shoulders, hands, and knees. Never in the big toe. I used to do broccoli sprouts. I’m starting a batch today. Thank you, Dr. Berg! ❤

    • @user-mb3xy1ff3v says:

      test your thyroid if it is slow dont take it take apple cyder vinegar but not Braggs bcs it has GMO apples

  • @dilwich says:

    I used to get gout before doing a keto diet and when i did i would drink a pint of pineapple juice and 5 pints of water throughout the day and it would go fast.

  • @sgtaneja says:

    I eliminated most gout symptoms with citrus fruits, berries & Cherries, steamed cruciferous and supplemental vit C *ascorbates ) + Rutin + Quercetin.

    I also switched to P5P as my choice of vitamin B6 along with a methylated B complex .

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    Greetings from Kathmandu, NEPAL 🇳🇵

    Currently, I’m suffering from gout and taking the medication “Indomethacin.”

    Thank you very much for the valuable information, it’s greatly appreciated.

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    Thank you
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