Dave McKinnon

  • @Lorraine_Schumacher65 says:

    Very exciting video with an even more exciting topic…. please continue with your content💝💝💝

  • @lindywinn2447 says:

    I’ve been taking Turmeric for almost 2 years now and you’re correct doc, my liver is a lot healthier.

  • @IndyArmada says:

    I need to start taking it❤❤❤

  • @countrygirl4311 says:

    How much should we take per day

  • @steveng1624 says:

    Thank you Dr. for your better health information !!! ❤

  • @-16_ says:

    I know this is a true powerful amazing turmeric root leavening me jumping for joy my stomach is lovely and flat with morning body pains have totally disappeared, God’s Blessings 🙏with Thanks go hand in hand 🖐️ for a better body to Celebrate 🎉❤️

  • @deeMash6489 says:

    I also Feel Better. I ingest the powder and Root from the local meat stores.. Not sure what they put in the Vitamins. When taken with Black Pepper, it Upgrade thr potency.

  • @Rain-nw2vk says:

    Thanks doc

  • @CUCHIE68 says:

    I love Turmeric & grow it. Hot peppers welll that is in my blood. Everyday, just started a new regimen….Thank you, love your videos. From SWFL, USA….

  • @user-ze3zf4ez2l says:

    You are so wonderful and caring dr Mandell❣️Thank you❣️🙏❤️

  • @Hoorainfatima7867 says:

    Can someone please help me regarding the dosage and timing to take it

  • @johnmiller9127 says:

    Whats the best and quick thing to add it to?

  • @corinnehawkins8 says:

    Happy Holidays Dr. Mandell

  • @user-cy1tt7cy4k says:

    Thank you❤

  • @marychendricks1875 says:

    I have fatty liver having problems now so this is a great tip for me couldn’t have been a better time for me to
    Learn this helps your fatty liver so is this better in capsule form turmeric or the jar Dr Mandell is holding ground tumeric as a spice or does it even matter maybe they’re the same ? Anyone who can answer I will appreciate your input ! Thank you . And thank you Dr Mandel for providing us with so much knowledge and motivational quotes! God bless you ! ❤🫶💫😇🙏

  • @user-tl9qf4vf8u says:

    happy holidays ❤️

  • @ivanav2843 says:

    My 82 year old father suffers from chronic body aches and pains and is on blood pressure and diabetes medication, is it safe for him to take tumeric? Thank you Dr Mandell.

  • @Ernesto-bw2nk says:

    Ur great guy.

  • @joannmobley8338 says:

    @ Dr Mandell measurements important will add more Tumeric Like video that’s what I been doing eating wrong Thanks 👍

  • @rshoe1023 says:

    Been using turmeric for a few months now it’s now my go to spice! I feel so much better, inflamation has diminished tremendously, and benefits my liver which i was diagnosed with NAFL 3 years ago!

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