Say Goodbye to Sciatica Pain: 3 Simple Stretches That Work

Follow these three easy steps to get rid of sciatic nerve pain fast.

0:00 Introduction: What is sciatica?
0:45 How to relieve sciatica in three steps
1:28 Step 1: Reestablish the curve
3:10 Step 2: Stimulate opposing sciatic nerve
6:50 Step 3: Stretch the quad muscle
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In this video, we’re going to talk about three easy steps you can use to fix sciatic nerve pain.

What is sciatica? Sciatica is pain that travels from your lower back down the back of one leg.

90% of the time, sciatica pain is due to a problem with a spinal disk.

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in the body. It runs from your lower back to the bottom of your foot.

Before you use these three steps to help get rid of sciatic nerve pain, rate your pain from 1 to 10. You’ll rate your pain again after you're finished.

Here’s what you’ll need the following things:
• A foam roller OR a towel to roll up
• A tennis ball OR someone who can lend a hand

Try these three steps for getting rid of sciatica.

Step 1: reestablish the curve in your lower back
Sitting too long can cause your natural lower back curve to straighten out. Reestablishing this curve is important for getting rid of sciatica.

Simply take your foam roller or towel and lay on it with it under your lower back for five minutes, twice a day. Watch the video at two minutes and twenty seconds to see how it’s done.

Step 2: Stimulate the opposing sciatic nerve
Never stimulate the side of the nerve that is causing you pain. If you have pain on your right side, massage the left side.

If you don’t have someone to help massage the back of your leg, use a tennis ball under your leg while sitting or laying.

Watch the video at three minutes and thirty seconds to see how it’s done.

Step 3: Stretch the quad muscle on the same side you have sciatica
You want to stretch your quadriceps on the same side you have pain. You can do this by holding one leg up with your hand while holding onto the back of a chair or other solid object.

Watch the video at seven minutes and fifteen seconds to see how it’s done.

Try these three steps and rate your pain again. Let me know what your results are in the comments below.

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Thanks for watching. I hope this helped explain the best way to get rid of sciatica. I’ll see you in the next video.

Dave McKinnon

  • Yankee 🌹 Rose says:

    I’ve had sciatica problems for twenty-five years Dr. Berg! Thank you so much for this information, it will really help me. Have a wonderful day everyone!⚘❤

    • Dr. Eric Berg DC says:

      Hello. Glad to know that you liked this video by Dr. Berg. Thank you for watching.

      -Dr. Berg’s Support Team

    • Linda Johnson says:

      @Dr. Eric Berg DC Could you possibly add the video links that popped up during this video into this video description like it’s normally done?

    • Aaron Hai says:

      Neuropathic pain from injured tooth in the jaw and trigeminal, anything to do besides lower carbs, anti inflammatories?

    • Alli says:

      @Linda Johnson Yes, please do add the link. Didn’t catch the “card” for it/the pop up before another ad started, so have to search in the search bar

    • J S says:

      I’ve had it for 16 but I have a few herniated discs ..let me try these

  • J Comm says:

    As a person who had severe sciatica, I know that maintaining ideal weight takes unnecessary pressure off the spine (if you were overweight). Also, having strong abdominal muscles helps stabilize the spine so really reduces pain. You should strengthen your tummy & lumbar with isometric exercices when you are lying down, even if you have pain. Isometric means you aren’t moving your bones, just flexing the muscles without moving your bones. (It’s like doing situps without sitting up, and walking without moving your legs, just clenching & releasing the buttocks.) If you have a severe case, cramping might make this a challenge but trying is worth the effort.

  • Tammy Mitchell says:

    Wow, I have 2 family members dealing with Sciatica & this is just what they need! Thanks so much, Dr. Berg!

  • EssentiallyMiranda says:

    My fiancé has sciatica and we’ve been doing the first two stretches from your previous videos. They absolutely work! We will incorporate the quad stretch from this video. Thank you.

  • Jim Lund says:

    This is a very common problem, one that I’ve experienced, and once again Dr. Berg’s provided very helpful information to his viewers.

  • Gvnm Tuduri says:

    Dr. Berg, you’re like the Bob Ross of doctor’s when your explaining techniques. Meaning, your voice is soft spoken, but it’s a good thing! Thank you for these awesome videos, please keep up the great work. 👍

  • laura nay says:

    I tried your technique, Dr Berg, as I was watching your video for the first time. Thank you for the relief. Sharing your knowledge the way you do has helped me in so many ways. Eternity to you.

  • Sharon Hembree says:

    I’ve had sciatica for a few years and stretching has helped some. My pain is in my left leg and foot. Thank you so much for your recommendations to reestablish the lumbar curve and stimulate the opposing side. You always have very helpful information.

    • Eric Perez says:

      Se debe trabajar el lado izquierda si me duele el derecho ?
      Pura Vida

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      Hi baby how are you doing now i hope you are really doing good you are awesome looking at you baby makes happy when I look at your picture it is beyond my imagination that a creature like you really exist like a rose you make the garden so beautiful You are a diamond to any man that have eyes to see goodness of a womanhood Baby am Ben easy going person very understandable Am a civil engineer and a contractor I work at so many places like Asia Europe and Africa I love art craft and I write music I like ideal people when I see your picture am impress I want a good woman that understand what real love is all about who will understand me and perfectly be for me So we can build our world strong enough to care for each other I want you to be mine and I hope to hear from you soonest thanks

    • Sir Bumpalot says:

      Are you still free of pain?

  • naveen kumar says:

    Dr. Berg, not related to sciatic nerve, but was facing right shoulder pain, along phrenic nerve and lost two days of my sleep. Your videos saved me now. In fact I bought your massage tool too. Applied gentle pressure right below my liver, around gall bladder area for 3 mins. Boom, all the pains went away. Root caused and figured out wrongs I did in last few days in my diet. Super excited seeing how fascinating and amazing your videos are and helping people. Thank you be blessed stay healthy for ever and count the blessing. 🙏

  • Elly Habibi says:

    I had sciatica pain for three days and couldn’t get off the bed. I checked on YouTube if Dr Berg had done a video on Sciatica and found this video. I rolled the towel and placed it under my lower back 3 times and like magic when I got off the bed and stood up my pain was gone! It is the month of Ramadan and I pray that Allah blesses you and your family. You are truly a gift to all the people. Thank you so much wonderful Dr Berg. 🌟🙂

  • davidbstump308 says:

    Been dealing with this sciatic pain for a while gonna give your advice a shot..thank you so much for helping folks out…you are a very kind man thank you Dr. Berg much appreciated

  • Kevan Arnold Gosnell says:

    I’ve been doing similar stretches for 4 months & my pain threshold is now around 40%.
    I am hoping to get it as low as 15% because of historic wear & tear. Enjoyed the tutorial.

    • Denise Worsley says:

      I was diagnosed with arthritis but I fell on my left side and ever since I fell on my left side the inner side of my left leg up to my hip hurts when I walk on it what could that be from and it hurts everyday and every night

  • Bev H says:

    Pain was an 8 and after the steps was 0, and now is still zero 5 hours later!!! I have studied so many videos and books and no relief, absolutely AMAZING Dr. Berg!!! Thank you so much!!!! ❤️🙏😇👏

  • Jay says:

    I suffer from sciatica, stems from bone spurs on discs and degeneration. I started at a 9, could only tolerate a few min but this definitely helped 👍🏼

  • RedefinedCycles says:

    Hi Eric. Mine is about a 6 when I’m trying to get into the ruku – back horizontal to the ground with arms straight and grabbing the knees – position during prayers. Mainly a sharp numbness which feels like lots of nerve fibres are all firing at the same time. Usually takes less than a second to get into this position but during this sciatica stint it’s taking me about 5 seconds. I’ve also noticed that sneezing or coughing whilst in this position and stretching my back, there’s no pain. When sneezing or coughing gemerally the pain shots up to about an 8 or 9…

    I’m an ICU nurse by trade btw and really appreciate all that you do for the community and the high quality advice you put out there in a simple format.

  • Kevin Roberts says:

    Been working this program for almost three weeks woke up the last two days with no pain so I’m just going to keep doing all this and stretching Thanks Doc

  • afairshare says:

    Thank you so much for this video! I’m looking forward to trying the first two methods. I have always tried stimulating the nerve on the affected side (right) to no relief. I have severe pain from butt to foot because of iliac compression syndrome and vascular malformations which push on and are within those same nerve areas (sapheonous, popliteal, etc). I’m looking forward to trying it on the other wise to see if that works because the pain has been unbearable and causing deep back pain and tension all over. It’s funny though, the last one, I’ve been doing that for years without anyone having mentioned that because it would help to relieve tension and pressure when standing (I also have chronic venous insufficiency).

  • fast KW says:

    Wow, so glad I found your channel. All your back videos are helping me so greatly. You show real research and explain everything so well and cover what other doctors on here don’t. Proper diet, supplements, and body movements that make a real difference, thank you very much! Sharing to everyone I know.

  • Petru Marginean says:

    The exercise #3 amazingly made my sciatic nerve pain go away in seconds! I had pain for the last 2 month, did MRI and doctors believed wrongly the pain came from a herniated disc. All the exercises I’ve done previously had no effect. The quad stretch amazingly took my #8 level pain down to zero instantly. I’m so happy. Thx Dr. Berg!

  • Helen Dropinski says:

    Thank you Dr Berg. The knowledge and effort you put into helping people understand health is very much appreciated. So grateful❤

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