Side Effects of Water Fluoridation: Dental Fluorosis

According to the CDC, about a third of American children now have some form of cosmetic defects in their tooth enamel due to fluoride exposure, known as dental fluorosis, a side effect of water fluoridation.

This is the second video in a five-part series on water fluoridation. If you missed the first one, see Why Is There Fluoride in Water? Is It Effective? ( ). The rest of the series is coming soon:
• Is Water Fluoridation Safe? ( )
• Why I Changed My Mind on Water Fluoridation ( )
• Medicine’s Response to the Changing Science on Fluoride Safety ( )

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-Michael Greger, MD FACLM

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Dave McKinnon

  • @misterx3188 says:

    I have clearly visible white spots on my front teeth.

  • @ClovettCC says:

    Foist to comment, woo! Thanks for this series, Dr. G! 😁🦷🪥

  • @livefromplanetearth says:

    biggest cliffhanger of 2024

  • @jamesmitchell6925 says:

    Iraq is pronounced “ear-rock” not “eye-rack”
    Iran is pronounced “ear-Ron” not “eye-ran”

    • @thistle_boy says:

      In what language lol? That’s like saying you need to say “ARE-uh-bic” instead of “AIR-a-bic”. Well, yes in Arabic you say it a particular way, but in English it’s acceptable to say it in an English way.

    • @GenRN says:

      How about ear-rock and eye-ron?

    • @oskariKN25 says:

      Just say it phonetically, “E ran” “E rak” thats how most of the world says it in my limited understanding

    • @pdblouin says:

      I would enjoy hearing you read aloud various place names that I can pronounce in their native language.

      I mean not really, because I don’t care and the language police annoy me. Different pronunciations are a feature of language, not a bug.

    • @theplanthashira says:

      Aight calm down it’s not the end of the world

  • @AndrewPawley11 says:

    I love this channel!

  • @titanlurch says:

    There is also the issue of the source of the fluoride . Is there a difference to our health?

    • @oskariKN25 says:

      What does this even mean? There is cyanogen fluoride which is a toxic explosive gas. So yes there are forms of fluoride we probably shouldnt put into our bodies, tooth pastes use sodium fluoride, sodium fluorophosphate and stannous fluoride, if we want to nitpick stannous fluoride which has tin, is the worst one when it comes to our health due to tin being toxic, however the amount is so low you get more toxic elements from your food, just dont swallow the paste like a toddler.

  • @blackprincegt says:

    Sorry but there’s little doubt in my mind that fluoride is impacting our brain health. I’ve felt the difference first hand. Yeah yeah… this is anecdotal evidence

    • @oskariKN25 says:

      What did you fall into a vat of concentrated fluoride? How do you even test that? Did you test your tap water heavy metal contents? Did you start drinking flitered tap water? Did you stop using all forms of fluorinated products? Did you stop drinking water? American tap water has more problems than just fluoride you might have just been experiencing ionic copper toxicity which is quite common in certain areas of the world with copper piping and without pvc socked piping.

  • @presterjohn1697 says:

    So we reject industry science on water fluoridation but we unflinchingly accept it on vaccines?

    • @oskariKN25 says:

      What are you talking about? Vaccines do not contain fluorine, it serves no purpose there. Can’t you conspiracy nuts read a book? Like an actual book, on vaccine and germ theory at least once?

    • @numetalhead73 says:

      Yeah cause $

  • @NutritionFactsOrg says:

    If you missed the previous video, check out:

  • @mchagawa1615 says:

    Thank you <3

  • @chunkysneakerz says:

    I hope you talk about hydroxyapatite next, too! A good alternative to fluoride with less side effects it seems

    • @oskariKN25 says:

      Its expensive, certainly it is quite beneficial but it has the issue only building the enamel not strenghtening it like fluoride does, fluoride turns calcium hydroxyapatite into fluorapatite which is harder, so like in steel blades the mix of both crystal structures benefits the overall durability of the teeth. I’d suggest both in toothpaste. And like this video said, fluoride fear mongering is modern scientific quackery.

  • @joephillips5594 says:

    Calcification of the pineal gland?

  • @laurieparis2203 says:

    Does fluoride impact osteoporosis? I wonder if there’s an increased rate of osteoporosis, osteopenia with fluoride.

  • @KJSvitko says:

    Fluoride in water, fluoride in toothpaste, fluoride in mouth wash……

  • @Niekomojo says:

    Damn cliff hanger, I wonder if fluoride is the reason why this expert looks so unhealthy.

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