Dave McKinnon

  • Melissa Copeland says:

    Thanks Dr Mandell ❤️💯😊

  • Unbreakable says:

    One of the best docs ever

  • David Rice says:

    Wow – thank you – I was born with a cleft palate – the older I get the worse my sinuses get -i would love to find an ear , nose and throat Dr who has experience with people like me – thanks again Doc

  • DeeDizzle says:

    I was so blocked up and in pain for about a month, once I did these exercises I started to drain.. I think being blocked up caused my fungul sinus infection, we all have fungus inside our nasal passages and it thrives when we don’t drain well! Now I’m using an antifungul rinse with saline my doctor gave me! hope it kills that yucky fungus 😂

  • Lynn A. says:

    Very helpful, thanks!❤

  • Angie Jacoby says:

    Allegra D works too.

  • J Russell says:


  • Marianne Gana says:

    That’s good it felt better 🎉😂❤

  • Terry Wright says:

    Nothing changed. I have a sinus infection. Also feel nauseous.

  • Majeda Awwad says:

    شكرا دكتور. عل المعلومات والشرح 👍🍀👋🌹

  • Kiki Maui says:

    Felt really good after I did this ❤

  • Zoot Jitsu says:

    Drain gang

  • Angel Lee says:

    It works. ❤

  • Elizabeth Mensah says:

    Thanks Doc

  • Susan Y says:

    OMG🎉I feel great after doing this nasal/sinus exercise, God Bless Dr Thank You🙏You are just Wonderful ❤️

  • Adela Laird says:

    Thank you Dr. Mandell for your great support .❤

  • Mia🦋 says:

    Just a reminder to make sure your hands are clean to avoid acne🖐️🤚🖐️🤚

  • Mags c says:

    Why does it feel painful when I push into my cheeks? I would tell my chiropractor that, when he’d put pressure on a muscle. He did tell me the muscle was tight.

  • Becky says:

    Uh-MAZING, thank YOU. Dr. Mandell! Relief!Ahhh🤗

  • JAMNMUSIQ NO CAP Musiq says:

    This technique absolutely Works I needed it I did what was said and it absolutely Worked Almost every thing the Doctor Says Work.But if you have Hemorrhoids Do Not Listen to his use of the Cayenne Pepper when you go to the Toilet your Butt Becomes a Rocket To Mars 😂 Thanks for everything Else Dr. Blessings to you your Family and Your Fans

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