Dave McKinnon

  • @user-io1sq2vm4g says:

    Words of wisdom.

  • @victoriahutchful4066 says:

    Thnx doc, sleeping on my left side helps me with acid reflex that gives me a heartburn ❤️‍🔥 🙏

  • @byebyebirdie2 says:

    I took this advice from you awhile back, it has helped me with acid reflux ever since!

  • @PatriciaCrump-jb6xy says:

    Why, then when I was in hospital, I was awakened and told to turn to my right side. The nurse said that sleeping on my left side slowed my heart rate.

    • @carriewittbrodt5072 says:

      I was told the same thing. Do not sleep on the left side.

    • @kimlockhart976 says:

      Zero knowledge! Someone else told her/him that BS😂

    • @maryannerasmuss4788 says:

      I told my cardiologist that I was told not to sleep on my left side. He told me that was very bad advice as the left side is the best side to sleep!

    • @furbabies3momma says:

      Best to listen to your own Physician… many of the Dr’s on u tube are NOT actually medical Doctors, they [just] have a PhD… 👀 Beware! 👀

    • @RP313aat says:

      We should be sleeping on the right side …sleeping on left side makes me uncomfortable and suffocating..cause all organs are giving a pressure on heart ..like the lungs..

  • @reineeferreira9761 says:

    Have learned so much from you! Thank you 😊

  • @barbarab7129 says:

    Sleeping on your left side is also good because gravity towards your left side, helps promote movement of waste through your colon.

  • @LoriNuttall says:

    Always have been a lefty sleeper! Finally, I’m doing something right!

  • @streamingvideo6654 says:

    Thank you, Dr. Mandell. God Bless!

  • @barbarabaker1726 says:

    Thank you Dr Mandell I can sleep better now after my heart transplant I do sleep much better Thank you God bless you 👍🙏🍎❤️

  • @jayumble8390 says:

    This is so fascinating! Awesome!

  • @zuzupetals6025 says:

    Thanks for this! My Apple Watch shows that my sleeping heart rate is less when I’m on my left but I’ve been trying to understand why… thanks!

  • @AlanMckenry-xt8wc says:

    As a life long left side sleeper, I thank you for the information !!

  • @chrismellon127 says:

    I have been sleeping on my left side bc of GI problems and totally helps!! Highly recommend

  • @jessicajobeckzimmerman1340 says:

    Thank you! Dr. Mandell! You are Wonderful! ❤

  • @monte5034 says:

    It even feels better sleeping on your left side. This explains a lot ✨

  • @mariserobillard601 says:

    Thank You, Dr Mandell For This Crucial Information! HAPPY GOOD FRIDAY!✝️💟

  • @ociehand says:

    I’m reading this message laying on my back 😊😮❤ thanks for sharing this Dr❤. you are amazing 🤩 have a good Friday 💖

  • @CherylPittman-pk9cy says:

    ❤ Dt Mandell, thanks for everything you teach
    I’ve learned so much from you

  • @Twinkie17 says:

    Thank you, Dr. Mandell! You are just so wonderful🥰!

  • @charlesgore5827 says:

    Don’t you just love this guy. He’s an absolute gift from above…

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