Dave McKinnon

  • @Jerry_TheFitnessMessiah says:

    I need one ASAP 😼

  • @milasana6165 says:

    At the age of six my grandma would ask me to rub her head and as soon as I put my little fingers on her scalp, she would fall dead asleep and I just disappeared…🥰🙏💕

  • @PlusLifeGaming says:

    I love this doc! You brighten our day! The doc who doesn’t cost an arm and a leg

  • @user-ze3zf4ez2l says:

    ❤ That is sweet❣️

  • @PEGASUSleadmare says:

    My late father was the best head scratcher! Thanks for the memories. ❤

  • @sharonbaltimore4631 says:

    Thanks ❤

  • @mummyuk5c says:

    Bless him, Dr.Mandell is full of life.

  • @cmalta897 says:

    That wire head massage is the best gadget ever

  • @annb8296 says:

    When I use that tool on my own head especially the roller with the thin aluminum spine which I love I don’t feel any tingles. But in every case whenever someone else does it for me I do feel them and it’s heavenly 🥰♥️

  • @nishams1 says:

    Scalp stimulation de-stresses us and increases hair growth nice advice and beautiful reason now to apply hair oil regularly. Thanks for the motivation Doc🙏

    • @mollielambert9501 says:

      I use my Xtra vergin olive oil for my hair, face hands arms. What I do… I pour the 1T. oil in a small plastic container and touch on lemon juice to drink every morning. Put a small folded piece of paper towel put in the bottom of container put upside down put over bottle of olive oil with the remaines of oil soaking up the paper towel i use on face hands ect and hair/head message. Its great also ears in process my fingernails have results too.

  • @sarahmutchler4117 says:

    I have one of them. You are right about that: ” Your Body Will Love yah.” My husband and I really enjoy watching all your Videos. Thank you so much and May God continue to Bless you Dr. Mandell!:) 🙏🙏🙏🤗

  • @margaretbrittgray3278 says:

    Thank You so much Dr.Mandell!
    This is a Great Reminder ❤

  • @suzanneanderson582 says:

    You are the best and you are right. I was a massage therapist for 28 years. By stimulating my fingertips, doing massage my fingernails are still so strong that they don’t break or chip. All I do is cut them when they get too long, file them and paint them. I get a lot of complements on them. Stimulating the scalp will make your hair thick and pretty too. Doc is the best. ❤

  • @boyd9919 says:


  • @eandsm4620 says:

    I was the ugliest duckling in the nursery, born with many birthmarks. Mom massaged me from head to toe. Touch is indeed wonderful.
    Make it a great day everyone!

  • @adlihkristopher2906 says:

    Guess it feels better on your scalp Doc ❤thanks again have a bless nite 😴

  • @mohammedmajid7821 says:

    Thank you DOC

  • @barbmcdonald1532 says:

    Thank you Dr. ! Looks so relaxing! I need one! ❤

  • @vanessabecerra4784 says:

    Best Doctor Ever 💯

  • @yolandarudolph6887 says:

    Thank you doctor Mandell I really appreciate all you do for us ❤️❤❤

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