Dave McKinnon

  • @smooothlegs says:

    Thank you Dr

  • @serenakoleno9338 says:

    Sometimes supplements change color.

  • @obangmariano6702 says:

    ❤thanks for teaching us good color❤😇

  • @monstermix7134 says:

    That’s is god speaking to me I just used the bathroom today for the first time I said to myself damn that’s dark my urine is really dark I don’t like that I went and grab a huge bottle of water I start to drink it so I can feel better change that color of urine and here’s my favorite doctor talking about urine colors 😂😂😂 I’m doing something right

  • @user-dh8tr9jl4m says:

    I think you are THE BEST, DOC

  • @beatricekabab190 says:

    I drink I gallon a day

  • @Frank7G says:

    I try to drink 1/2gal. of water every day if not a bit more.

  • @GodisLove77337 says:

    I am so glad that I am not addicted to sodas, juice drinks with fake labels. If I’m thirsty, I hit the water 💦 NOT a COKE! I’ve been trying to die since my only beloved son has passed away but something is keeping me here. HELL ON EARTH 😢

  • @SuperKasper333 says:

    On and off, i have had that problem. Under terrible stress, and I havent been well. It’s good to have that chart.
    Thank you

  • @doc7504 says:

    I weigh a lot. I would drown. Is there a maximum???

  • @GodisLove77337 says:

    I believe that I am being punished for being a bad mom 😢. I didn’t think that I was bad but I am not perfect. My son was the one teaching me. He would come home everyday and tell me something he learned in school and that made me smarter. That’s why I want to go with him. I know he is teaching someone something. I love you so much son and miss more as each day passes. It’s getting worse each day. U have to be in Heaven with Jesus. And you are probably talking to him always. Love you my beloved son and missing you so much that my heart 💔 hurts. People don’t even want to talk to me cause all I do is cry 😭

    • @6846981 says:

      I am so very sorry for your loss. Know that someone is praying for you and you are not being punished. Understandably, you are in a lot of pain.

  • @truecrimeanalysis says:

    Wow okay thanks had no idea!

  • @sofiawheaton7209 says:

    Thank you Doctor 🙏🏽

  • @mattias969 says:

    Ive always loved water it tastes so good its the perfect brew made by Gaia

  • @marvanunez4131 says:

    G.M. yes thank you.🎉

  • @DarthVader-1701 says:

    One of the best times to drink a lot of water is during meals.

  • @JulioVargas-ok5st says:

    What about when it’s clear

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