Stay Young Forever: A Path To 100+ With Secrets From The Blue Zones | Kimbal Musk & Dr. Hyman

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Food has the power to change everything, from our health to family dynamics, the environment, and so much more. And it all starts with one bite. Today I’m thrilled to sit down with a good friend and an inspiring food activist and entrepreneur, Kimbal Musk. Kimbal is co-founder of the seasonal and thoughtfully sourced restaurant The Kitchen, co-founder of the non-profit Big Green, and a crusader for real food.

How we choose to eat and prepare our food has implications for more than just our bodies. My conversation with Kimbal is sure to inspire you to leverage the power of real food in your own family, community, and beyond.

In this episode, we discuss (audio version):
Kimbal’s surprising journey from the tech industry to becoming a food activist (8:30)
How 9/11 forever changed Kimbal’s relationship with cooking (16:00)
The experiences that inspired Kimbal to open a restaurant (25:47)
Kimbal’s determination to provide healthy food with local sourcing (26:34)
Food as the secret weapon for fighting the loneliness epidemic (33:50)
How he started building a community of farmers from the ground up (37:35)
The skyrocketing rates of childhood obesity and his work with Big Green (42:33)
Kimbal’s life-changing accident and his revelation (44:00)
How kids are impacted when they’re taught about growing and preparing food (52:20)
Creating a family connection container through mealtimes and home cooking (58:00)

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Dave McKinnon

  • @mariechrisman3957 says:

    Who in thier right mind wants to live to be 100??? In today’s society

    • @SolarVortexY says:


    • @Quest4TruthUSA says:

      A warrior

    • @hippie-io7225 says:

      Turning 76 has helped me realize how long it takes to get one’s head out of one’s backside (butt). More time, in the hands of people like Mr. Musk, the more healthy our society can be. I really like the idea of pointing kids to a healthier future.

    • @rachael7060 says:

      I do!💃

    • @jaxnaturals says:

      You have to change your mindset. Would you want to live to be 100 if you are in the current shape you’re in now? Don’t think about a current elderly person that can barely move and has significant health issues. Think about the 100 year old person still running around enjoying life. That’s who you can be!

  • @SolarVortexY says:

    Thanks for sharing from the blue zone both of you. So much appreciated here in the red zone. Hopefully I’ll be able to help change the red zones to a blue zone….eventually. I’m listening. Always ✨

  • @williamhenry3337 says:

    Very nice podcast. VERY different from most of your podcasts. I am going to listen to it a second time. Great job!

  • @lynnsalberg5647 says:

    Can you do a show about the blue zone in Asia that eats mostly meat .

  • @bruceburnworth8082 says:

    Beautiful conversation about food😁😁😁

  • @Leonardokite says:

    When I saw Kimball I thought he looked a lot like Elon. I looked it up and lo and behold he is Elon’s brother! I guess they were raised right 😃👍

  • @fiddlerJohn says:

    Wow! Thanks Kimbal Musk & Dr. Hyman.

  • @Randychaffee says:

    I’m favoured financially, Thank you Jesus $32,000 weekly profit regardless of how bad it gets on the economy.

    • @MudaLove-rj9cr says:

      Excuse me for real?,how is that
      possible I have struggling
      financially, how was that possible?

    • @Randychaffee says:

      Really feel your pain,when I was even
      almost down my God sent to me
      Elizabeth Ann Larson Trading services to me and changed the game

    • @MattBriest says:

      I have heard a lot of wonderful things about Elizabeth Ann on the news but didn’t believe it until now. I’m definitely trying her out

    • @GladysJohnson-nz9ut says:

      YES!!! That’s exactly her name (Elizabeth Ann Larson) so many people have recommended highly about her and am just starting with her 😊 from Brisbane Australia🇦🇺

    • @MarkMadden-wu4mn says:

      Same here, with my current portfolio made from my investments with my personal financial advisor (Elizabeth Ann Larson) I totally agree with you

  • @fiddlerJohn says:

    Dr. Hyman. Thanks for letting Kimbal talk. Great stories.

  • @rabbitlemon says:

    Misleading title 🤷‍♀️

  • @melaniestarkey7868 says:

    Oh boiled yellow squash with onions and butter nice.

  • @charlottehammond8975 says:

    im a functional RD.

    aside from the kale salad (raw crucifers are a thyroid nono so id avoid them in a town made of stressed out aging women) i went to one of musk’s restaurants in boulder and was very impressed

  • @Queenie-the-genie says:

    It is not the gluten itself that is the problem I have discovered. It is the pesticides and herbicides used by corporate “farmers” in the greatest country in the world. In Europe they do use pesticides but I think they are more like the ones I use in my organic garden like BT and Neem oil. People with so called gluten allergies can actually eat French bread in france.

  • @BushNavigator-wq4qo says:

    I have tried the tortilla shell on an open gas burn before. Yes. It is good that way. I like it

  • @sylviaanne2320 says:

    That is so funny! That sounded like my mom, except she WAS a good good, used whole foods, and made cooking sexy. Haha! 😅😊😂

  • @sylviaanne2320 says:

    You can also use a cast iron pan, an ungreased pan, or non stick frying pan to warm tortillas! It might even be a little safer. 🫠

  • @ebutuoyebutouy says:

    Mr Kimball, what happened to the tips customers intended to be paid to the servers? What happened to the money you received from the government during the pandemic?

  • @asktheanimals says:

    Yum. The Kitchen. 🥕

  • @bella_trixx6589 says:

    I live in Boulder, Co, I didn’t even know The Kitchen had more than one location. TMYK lol

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