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    Thank you. You’re so sweet. 🤗 😂

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    Thank you for the reminder, Doctor Mandell. 🙏🏻💜

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    I’m starting tp hear more and more on people getting dementia and Alzheimer. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless you❤🙏

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    Thank you Doc. You are always providing useful health information to us. May you be blessed with long, healthy life.

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    My mother passed from dementia 😢🙏✝️🙏🙏

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    Thank you for this information Dr.

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    This is an interesting piece didn’t know that ❤

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    Thank you Dr. Mandel. 💙

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    We should also be talking about low iron in memory problems, I just found out I’m saw name make my iron stores are like practically all used up, I keep being forgetful and all they want to do is send me to psychologist and psychiatrist, but that’s not going to help my problem, I told my endocrinologist to test my a
    Iron and he did, It was almost non-existent. But nobody ever talks about this. 🤔

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      I never knew this. Doctors just say that’s normal for you for the last 20yrs, not just iron either 😮

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    Recent studies have highlighted the link between high sugar levels and Alzheimer’s. A 2022 study with 37,689 people found a link between high sugar intake and increased Alzheimer’s risk among women. Those who consumed about 10 grams (2.4 teaspoons) of sugar per day had the largest risk increase. Source: Healthline Oct 10, 2023

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    Yes for sure we absolutely have to almost totally eliminate sugars, always go for the bitter things i know it’s hard but we can do it getting use to the bitter taste, WE CAN DO IT!💪🏽💯❤️

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    Thanks Dr Mandell this is important to everyone who consumed to much sugar 😢😢

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    We can tell them but when they are toxic to themselves they don’t listen. I am so happy with myself for kicking sugar and processed food out the door. I follow your guidance to the T and I feel better and look better than I did in my twenties. I am now 68. I always struggled to do stretchs and crunchs and now they are easy peasy. Thank you Dr Mandell. Much Love.

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    Definitely sharing this one. Many thanks Dr. M. 🥰

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    Very big thank you. Now I understang sugar also exist in tasty junk foods and tasty sauces and many can drinks.👌

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    That’s why ‘they’ve’ been feeding us copious amounts of sugar as it’s a killer more ways than one

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    Thank you Dr.Mandell for sharing this information with us. I greatly appreciate you. God Bless you 🙏 ❤️ 😊

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    Thanks for the Info I believe this orders from my precious mother never wanting her family to eat sweets, thank you mom miss you

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    Every single one of my dementia patients are sugar addicts. Im a physical therapist.
    Its also true for all diseases. I educate all of my patients on the benefits of avoiding sugar and processed food. Most of them have a difficult time changing their lifestyles.

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    Thank you, Doc, for sharing this . God bless !! 😊

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