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Shocking Effects of Vitamin Deficiencies

Did you know that nutritional deficiencies can cause debilitating health problems? Find out about the missing piece in modern medicine. 0:00 Introduction: Nutritional deficiencies and modern medicine 0:22 Neurasthenia 1:10 Tourette syndrome 1:55 Persecutory delusions 3:03 Restless legs syndrome 4:05 Panic, anxiety, worry 4:46 Sensation of impending doom Today, we’ll discuss the importance of nutritional […]

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How To CLEAN Your LIVER in 3 Days!

This liver cleanse is better than any I’ve ever talked about before. Find out how to detox your liver fast! Video on TUDCA: ▶️ 0:00 Introduction: How to cleanse the liver 0:10 Liver cleanses and detoxes 0:35 Liver detoxification 1:52 How to trigger autophagy 2:40 The best “liver cleanse” 3:14 Dry fasting benefits 5:00 Liver […]

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Everyone IGNORES This Part of Their Body

Discover 9 fascinating facts about fascia, one of the most ignored parts of the body! More videos on Fascia Exercise: ▶️ ▶️ ▶️ 0:00 Introduction: What is fascia? 1:46 Anatomy of fascia 2:55 Fascia explained 5:17 The secret to restoring fascia In this video, I’ll share 9 fascinating facts about fascia and the secret to […]

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Your Waist Size Is IMPORTANT!

Did you know that your waist circumference can predict your risk of severe health conditions more than your actual weight? 0:00 Introduction: Waist circumference and health 0:24 Visceral fat 1:13 Visceral fat vs. subcutaneous fat 2:44 Belly fat 3:06 Check out my video on how to get rid of visceral fat! In this video, I’m […]

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Find out what supplements NOT to take and what supplements to take as you age, especially if you’re over 50. 0:00 Introduction: What to take and what not to take as you age 0:18 Iron supplements 0:30 Side effects of iron supplements 1:05 Calcium supplements 1:28 Hypercalcemia 1:50 Synthetic vitamin A 2:30 What supplements to […]

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Aneurysms: The Silent Killer

Aneurysms can cause a stroke or even death. Learn about some common causes of aneurysms and how to prevent them. 0:00 Introduction 0:54 Types of aneurysms 1:52 Aneurysm causes 4:36 Preventing aneurysms In this video, we’re going to talk about aneurysms. There are typically no early aneurysm symptoms or signs, so they often occur without […]

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1 in 4 People Have This!!

Many people have liver toxicity and don't even know it! Discover the number 1 toxic liver remedy and the toxic liver symptoms to look out for. 0:00 Introduction: Toxic liver remedies 0:15 The first signs of liver problems 1:37 NAC explained 2:08 Antioxidants and free radical damage 4:05 How to make NAC more potent In […]

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STOP Aging and Look YOUNGER!

Is it possible to slow down aging? Find out how to look younger, live longer, and have fewer diseases in this quick video! 0:00 Introduction: How to slow down aging 0:35 Anti-aging secrets 1:30 NAD explained 2:25 Anti-aging tips 4:07 Check out my video on methylene blue! In this video, I’m going to tell you […]

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Discover 5 warning signs of various diseases that you should never ignore. Stop disease in its tracks by learning to identify these critical symptoms (chronic fatigue is #1). Overview of Healthy Keto® and Intermittent Fasting: ▶️ ▶️ 0:00 Introduction: Don't ignore your body’s warning signs! 0:36 Chronic fatigue 2:15 Sudden weight loss 2:44 Persistent weakness […]

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