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The Nutrient Deficiency That Makes You Short

Discover the most common micronutrient deficiency that can keep you on the short side. DATA: Standard Process (Pituitrophin PMG) 0:00 Introduction: The nutrient deficiency that can stunt your growth 1:11 The pituitary gland and growth hormone 1:37 Human growth hormone 2:31 What causes a zinc deficiency? 3:36 Insulin resistance and zinc deficiency 4:34 How to […]

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Increase Growth Hormone as You Age

Trying to build muscle on keto? Find out how to increase growth hormone naturally. Standard Process Pituitrophin PMG: 0:00 Introduction: Growth hormone explained 0:20 What is growth hormone? 0:45 Growth hormone deficiency 1:10 Signs of a deficiency in growth hormone 1:38 What does growth hormone do? 2:56 What blocks growth hormone? 8:00 Understanding the role […]

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