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You Need to Take More of This

Is your body begging you for vitamin D? Find out the 7 signs of vitamin D deficiency and how to ensure you get enough of this crucial vitamin. 0:00 Introduction: Top signs you're deficient in vitamin D 1:03 Vitamin D testing explained 1:54 Benefits of vitamin D 2:00 Causes of low vitamin D 2:28 Vitamin […]

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The Top Nutrient Deficiency in Lyme Disease

You can try conventional and holistic remedies for Lyme disease, but without this nutrient, you may have trouble recovering 100%. Find out about the #1 nutrient deficiency associated with Lyme disease. DATA: 0:00 Introduction: #1 Nutrient deficiency involved in Lyme disease 0:26 Why vitamin D? 1:37 Understanding vitamin D receptors 4:07 Barriers to vitamin D […]

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23 WEIRD Vitamin D Deficiency Symptoms

SUBSCRIBE TO MY NEWSLETTER HERE: Vitamin D is crucial to support a healthy body. Here are 23 symptoms of vitamin D deficiency you may have never heard of before. DATA: 0:00 Introduction: Vitamin D deficiency 0:19 Well-known vitamin D deficiency symptoms 0:36 Surprising symptoms of vitamin D deficiency 8:18 Make sure you can always find […]

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